Friday, September 9, 2011

Blogger app for iPhone

Start blogging with the official blogger app! With blogger app for iPhone and iPod touch, you can easily publish posts with pictures (which we are doing now), labels and location information.

Also, you can view the list of posts (not all can be viewed) and if you have multiple blogs, you can easily switch between them (indeed! But so unnecessary blogger).

We just installed this blogger app on our iPhone to try it out. We have totally no idea what this post will look like, blogger app doesn't have preview button.

We attached two jolly wolf pictures but this blogger app is showing the pictures as small thumbnails below what we're typing now.

Tried putting a label below, the blogger app doesn't detect existing labels. Bahhh

Took a few more pictures, not sure how the blogger app for iPhone will show all five pictures in which order, I guess we'll find out when I click publish!

That's it for the blogger app! Don't think we'll ever use it again, too many things missing in this app!


  1. Oh my! All the photos just line up below =_=
    There is so much that can be improved for this blogger app.

  2. It is not the same than publishing via normal computers, but I'm sure they will improve the application soon :)