Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabreze Fabreze

What do you do if your plush or soft toy is dirty? Use Fabreze Fabreze to clean them up!

Fabreze is a very effective fabric refresher. If you're watching Singapore tv, you ought to have seen the Fabreze commercial thousands of times that its starting to annoy you.

Today we are going to use this Fabreze extra strength on our NICI Panda who has gone out for an outdoor photography session for a whole day.

So how do we use Fabreze? Well, its easy!

Just point Fabreze at your soft toy..

and start spraying Fabreze relentlessly on your victim until it is all wet and damp.

Then leave your soft toy to dry. You may also point a small fan directly like this to dry up faster. There you go, NICI Panda is fragrant and refreshing!

Please note: Fabreze is not a substitute for washing, you are required to wash your nici plush if it gets really dirty. How to wash your plush, soft toy, stuffed animals coming up!

Disclaimer: We do not endorse Fabreze products and we shall not hold any responsibility if any discomfort happens to your plush while using Fabreze. But we do not mind if Fabreze wants to engage us for an advertisement (^_^)


  1. @Bea: Hope one day Fabreze might ask us to be part of their TV ad..hehehe (^_^)

  2. Fabreeze? Is that like a bath? hehe. We love bath time with bubbles and toy boats!

  3. I do have Nici plushies at home, they are my dearest, and I have been silently reading your blog for a long long time.. and was just about to ask if there are ways to wash them.. and u posted this.. awaiting for the next post. =)

  4. Oh, this is a very interesting post! I usually wash my fluffies with soft soap (the same I use for my baby's clothes), and I've never had any problem :)

  5. Haha, this is funny and a good idea, I have certainly gotten very dirty sometimes, Febreze would have really helped. :-)))

    PS hi Hugo, I'm Michael!

  6. @Jerry and Ben: Fabreze is not a bubble bath, we wished it was hehe :D

  7. @crazy56gal: Hello! (^_^) Thanks for reading our blog and we wish to see a few pictures of your nici plush on your blog someday :D

  8. @Raquel: Hi Raquel, our next entry will be washing nici plush with soap! (^_^)

  9. @Michael TheMonkey: Hello Michael! Thanks for commenting on our blog :D You have short plush, you can jump into the washing machine and wash thoroughly without any problems :))

  10. Our plush also love the fragrance of Febreze and it is very good that you can use it also for plush, not only for sofas haha :-)