Sunday, September 4, 2011

NICI Jolly Svenja in Goats Milk Advertisment

Jolly Rosa was casually watching tv today and suddenly, her NICI friend Jolly Svenja appeared on tv!

Jolly Svenja was riding in a bicycle with another human being, so happy! Jolly Rosa is still startled in surprise and the tv remote control she was holding gradually fell to the floor.

It appeared to Jolly Rosa that Svenja is in a goats milk advertisement!! Why is it Jolly Svenja and not Jolly Sven? Is it because Svenja is a female, so that's why you get goats milk? Hahaha

Jolly Svenja gets a lot of scene in the goats milk advertisement and she even has a close up scene!

Jolly Svenja in a goats milk advertisement, how suitable! Look how happy svenja is. Now Jolly Rosa is jealous why wasn't she picked for the advertisement.

Original picture source:
Look at Jolly Svenja on the bicycle. She seems to be having so much fun but we suspect this Jolly Svenja could be fake.

You can watch the full video of the advertisement on youtube here:
Jolly Svenja Goats Milk Advertisement


  1. Ohh Jolly Svenja appeared in an advertisement, how nice ^_^
    The other day watching a program japanese saw some stuffed animals NICI haha.

  2. Capture ^_^

  3. Ohhh! I saw the huge nici giraffe! Wow :D

  4. But Svenja does not produce goat milk! maybe Gustav shld be in the commercial instead! :p

    hehe, Elsa will skin me alive for that suggestion! :)

  5. @Minghui: Gustav goats milk! But it must be a female version of gustav :D

  6. svenja is a sheep =_= weird tv ad

  7. The company has very good taste using Jolly Svenja for the advert, hihihi :)

  8. @monsterloi: From the people I know, who first see a NICI sheep, they always say its a monkey!

  9. @Raquel: Probably the advertisement producer is a NICI lover like us! We never know :))

  10. Advertisement with NICI plush is a very good idea! And Sven and Svenja together would be the best. Our Frida sends special greetings to her sister Svenja and all your flock :-)

  11. @Leona Löwenherz: It's actually very fun for us to watch TV halfway and suddenly jump up from our sofa and scream: "Hey! That's a NICI toy!!"