Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NICI Shopping Bag

We went NICI shopping recently and we came back with free NICI shopping bags!! This is our first time getting it and this NICI Wild Friends shopping bag is so cute! We didn't even get any NICI logo'd bag while shopping from the NICI shop in Germany.

Here is the Jolly Mah shopping bag. This is very cute too! The plastic material is nice and moreover the color of the print is beautiful.

Here are both the nici shopping bags we got. Later, some of our NICI wild friends came over with curious eyes..

NICI Lion to Zebra: You don't look like the one in the picture, he's spots you're stripes
NICI Zebra: You look nothing like that lion too!
NICI Lion: I dyed my hair and got younger, with botox
NICI Zebra: ........

Both NICI Lion and Zebra: Hey Milo, that is definitely not you! What happened to our nici monkey, anyone saw him? He went AWOL..

Jolly Mah sheep heard the commotion and came to have a look...

Jolly Mah exclaimed: Now this is surely me in the picture! Hahaha, this bag belongs to me.

What Jolly Mah said just now enraged those 3 wild friends. With sarcasm, they went..
NICI Zebra: Eyes look small
NICI Gorilla: Fur is different
NICI Lion: You are dirty

Jolly Mah: HEY!

These NICI shopping bags are seemingly made in Germany.

Its all in German words at the bottom of the shopping bag.

NICI Lion jumps into the wild friends shopping bag gleefully.

Jolly Mah hops into the Jolly Mah shopping bag too ^_^

If you want these beautiful bags, go buy some NICI plush toys now before all the beautiful shopping bags are gone. Yes we bought some new nici toys, will be posting them in the upcoming entries!


  1. Those bags are cool! I've got some plastic bags too from Nici, our usual seller always sends one to us, she is very kind :)

  2. The bags are beautiful! I have only one but I love to have more ^_^

  3. i have the jolly mah bag too!!! :)

  4. The bags are beautiful. And I love the photos with Lion and Jolly Mah jumping in :-) There is only one shop in my town that gives original NICI bags and I always hope to find the best cute plush there to get such a nice bag haha