Saturday, August 13, 2011

NICI Red Apple

Hope you still remembered our recent entry about the NICI Cushion Apple. This green apple with worm is from the Jolly Lucy series.

Above: The Staring Contest - Gustav vs Green Apple. We are really just mocking the Harry Potter 7 poster haha

The thing about our NICI apple entry was this red apple cushion. This red apple was not mentioned anywhere on the official NICI website. Hence we were curious whether it was an imitation because it bears a real NICI tag.

This sparked the interest of NICI Germany as well, one of the very nice personal spoke with us and we sent some pictures of the red apple to them.

The red apple has the NICI Quality tag.

Green apple worm stares at the red apple!

NICI Germany has replied and here is what they said..

Quoting part of the email: 
We have checked the pictures and the product and can announce to you that this red cushion is an official NICI product. It was made by NICI Asia in a small edition about 600 pieces.

Thank you for the picture and your great support!! We in Germany do not have the overview about all the products our partners sometimes produce. Particularly those special editions.

So there you go. It is confirmed that not only the red apple is a genuine article, it is also a limited edition!

Now that we know the red apple is a limited edition NICI product. Everyone wants to take a bite of it!!


  1. yes, there are a mouse n a pair of cow from nici, which i never see in the nici official site

  2. @Minghui: It was just a lucky coincidence! :D

  3. @monsterloi: Yes! Looks like NICI Asia secretly makes a lot of unique products that NICI Germany doesn't know :D

  4. We love Gustav vs. Green Apple, what a great photo! And also the last picture is very funny. Congratulations for your limited red apple, you are very lucky :-)

  5. @Leona Löwenherz: Thank you Leona! Our flock sends our warmest greetings! :D

  6. What a nice picture, the one of the staring contest, haha. Very nice of Nici Germany of replying to your email. It seems now you are the lucky owner of a collector's item, since this cushion is probably not sold worldwide. Enjoy!!

  7. @potamotrygorgeous: Thank you for your nice comments! The NICI manufacturing plant in China probably had extra red cloth lying around thus they made the red apple out of it. We never know! ^_^

  8. Do they still have it at Brian Shop? Just to know it is limited edition, I will go down to grab it :p

  9. @Anonymous: We did not see the red apple at Brian's shop, or we could have missed it that time. You should give Brian a call at his shop or ask him on facebook to check whether he has stock. Cheers! :D

  10. Hoh... I see. Cos last time I saw the red apple when Nici-wildfriends bought a monkey, elephant, and green apple. so I tought you bought it from Brian... lolz... anyway where you got it from?

  11. @Anonymous: We were NICI shopping that day and saw the red apple at Suntec. Did not see it at raffles city or plaza sing. Bought it immediately without any hesitation because it was cheap. How did your red apple shopping go? Are you Yudis? I just saw Brian replied to the wall post. The red apple is still available!!! We can bring this conversation to the email :D

  12. i checked with the malaysia nici agent, she told me that different region might have different nici plush. next year dragon's year, asia market will cme out with dragon =_=|||

  13. @monsterloi: Hahaha a dragon! Can you imagine after dragon year, it is snake's year! A nici snake would be funny! *sweat*

  14. Dear Mr. Hugo Wolf,

    I have adopted a new hobby, which is collecting sheep from Nici. Your pictures are hilarious and I can't help reading your blog to the end. I especially love this piece and can't help sharing it on my facebook. I hope you don't mind. Should you have any objections, do leave a comment and I will delete the post at once. Thank you.

    Candy Yeung

    1. Hi Candy,

      We are indeed very happy to know that you are collecting Nici sheep as a new hobby. Warm wishes from our entire nici-mania flock! (^_^)