Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Icing Room DIY Cake

Say hello to Jolly Rosa at The Icing Room at Jurong Point. The Icing Room is a specialty cake shop that offers Design-It-Yourself DIY cake decorative services. But why are we here?

It is Hugo Wolf's birthday recently and Jolly Rosa decided to give him a huge surprise! So she decided to come to The Icing Room to flaunt her creative ideas.

The Icing Room is a DIY cake shop which lets you design your own cake. They will provide a cream cake and you get to decorate the cake anyway you want!

The Icing Room provides DIY workshop for kids above 4 years of age. Too bad Jolly Rosa is still underage!

Besides the DIY services, The Icing Room also provides creative ready made cakes just like any other cake shop.

Notice a please do not sit on the table sign at the Icing Room. Did you just sit on the table? Jolly Rosa: hehehehe  :-D

There are 3 different sizes of cakes here. By default, The Icing Room provides vanilla cake but you can also get the Blackforest cake except for the smallest sized cake.

Jolly Rosa got her cake! This is the 4 inch sized vanilla cake from the Icing Room.

The Icing Room only lets you choose 5 colors from their inventory but you also a packet of flower designed sugar icing topping.

 What is Jolly Rosa going to draw on the cake? Stay tuned next time to find out! ^_^

Jolly Rosa at The Icing Room

To know more about The Icing Room, please visit their official website below:

The Icing Room Singapore
Branch Locations:

There are currently 6 Icing Room branches in Singapore, the one we went to is at the basement of Jurong Point shopping center.

Have fun designing your own DIY cake!


  1. Hi Rosa. You look very lovely in your pink shirt, compliments! And what a wonderful idea to surprise Hugo with such a delicious cake. All our plush love it and look forward to the next post. We never found a place where you can create your own cake, that`s cool! Greetings :-)

  2. Kawaii! Everything looks delicious lol ^^

  3. @Leona Löwenherz
    Hi Leona, thank you for your compliments but I am envious of Ute's wide selection of beautiful clothes, can I join your flock? :-P

  4. @Bea: Yes everything looks delicious, including Rosa!! :-D

  5. @Leona Löwenherz: Perhaps you can bring the idea from the Icing Room to Germany.

  6. What a funny idea, make your own cake!
    I can't wait for the result :)
    Kisses and best wishes to Hugo for his Bday :)

  7. Hello Rosa. You are hearty welcome to join our flock and share all the clothes with the girls. They would have a lot of fun together, so it is time for a holiday in Germany! But do you think that Hugo would let you go? Maybe he would feel very lonesome without you. Our Sir Henry and little wolf Ray would love to meet him, so he is also very welcome! Kisses from our flock

  8. @Raquel: Thanks! Maybe next year we will visit the icing room again for another DIY cake :-D

  9. @Leona Löwenherz: I would love to join your flock in Germany too, please take me and Rosa! ^_^

  10. Hi Hugo. You are hearty welcome in Germany too. If you would like to come for a holiday...Just jump into a package, some stamps on it and my address and a few weeks later you are here with our flock!
    And maybe you`ll return to Malaysia with some more plush and clothes haha...