Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hugo Wolf's Birthday Surprise by Jolly Rosa

Following our previous introduction of the Icing Room, we will find out what Jolly Rosa have in mind for Hugo Wolf's birthday surprise!

Jolly Rosa start from drawing the outline of the shape. Can you guess what is Jolly Rosa drawing?

Hey Rosa, concentrate on your drawing! Jolly Rosa couldn't help but notice some delicious pastries in the oven.

Have you guessed it right? Jolly Rosa is designing a Hugo Wolf birthday cake with..Hugo Wolf!

The Icing Room only has limited selection of colors, or rather, they did not have black and grey even though we asked for it, so we had to use yellow and green instead.

Hugo Wolf's face is finally done after 15 minutes. The cream was very hard to control, unless you are really familiar with it.

Hugo's birthday cake must certainly have his name on it!

9th June is Hugo Wolf's birthday, he is exactly1 year old now.

Now we put some lining around the birthday cake.

Lastly, Jolly Rosa puts the sugar icing coating on top of Hugo Wolf's birthday cake.

Jolly Rosa presents Hugo Wolf's birthday cake!

Hugo Wolf will definitely be very surprised to see this unique birthday cake for his very first birthday.

Jolly Rosa will hold a simple birthday celebration with Hugo Wolf at home, stay tuned for the next entry to see the party! ^_^


  1. Happy Birthday Hugo! Jolly Rosa designed a beautiful cake for him, and I bet it's yummy too!

  2. I enjoyed your story, again. The look on her face when she presents the cake, priceless! Thanks for making me smile.

  3. Hello Rosa. You are the best girl friend Hugo could ever have!!! The cake is created with so much love and fantasy. Happy Birthday Hugo, you are a very lucky wolf :-) Our flock is sure that the cake is very very yummy. Greetings

  4. Oh is so cute!!!! Happy birthday Hugo haha ^_^

  5. @Jerry and Ben: Thanks for the birthday wishes! :-D

    @potamotrygorgeous: Thanks for telling us that! We really appreciate it :-)

    @Leona Löwenherz: Danke! I was thinking maybe we should celebrate Rosa's birthday too? Then I can make a Jolly Rosa cake! Haha

    @BeaGracias! Stay tuned for our next entry where we cut the cake :-D

  6. Incredible! Well done Rosa!
    Love the cake and your photos, LOVE IT...Greetings from fluffy:)

  7. WOW!
    What a cute cake!
    I love it! :))
    it makes so much like hugo! :))))

  8. Wow, Rosa, you are a great artist decorating the cake! It is beautiful and very well done!
    Kisses :)

  9. Haha, Rosa, i thought you will draw the picture of yourself on the cake and give it to Hugo :p
    I guess a sheep designing a cake must have caught many people's attention in the cake shop :)