Sunday, July 10, 2011

NICI Plush Birthday Party

In our previous entry, Jolly Rosa designed a birthday cake at The Icing Room for Hugo Wolf's very first birthday. Now is the 8th June 2011 and as the clock strikes 12, it will be Hugo Wolf's birthday.

Our nici plush are very excited for the first NICI birthday party ever held at NICI-Mania. Jolly Rosa checking on the birthday cake she made, some other nici plush came over to join the preparation of Hugo Wolf's birthday party.

Rosa! They way you are looking at the birthday cake...why do we have a feeling that you are about to eat it all by yourself?

Mini Hugo Wolf came over to join the fun and mini Jolly Rosa puts on a Happy Birthday t-shirt (Please refer to our NICI T-Shirt entry..coming soon!).

9th June 2010 was the day Hugo Wolf was born, exactly one year from the day Hugo was brought home to the family, so we made this special birthday party to celebrate. It's almost 12 midnight now, let's hit the lights and get Hugo Wolf to come in for his surprise!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Hugo (the big fat cute dumb clumsy adorable huggable wolf), Happy Birthday to you...!!

 Hugo Wolf makes a birthday wish and blows out the candle. Congratulations, you are officially one year old!

Now is cake sharing time! Every nici plush gets a piece of the cake. Oh no Hugo, you just cut your neck!..on the cake  :-D

Inside the cake from The Icing Room, we are surprised to find there are small slices of peach, we thought it was just gonna be a plain vanilla cake.

Who wants to get the number 6?

Hugo Wolf wish to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday party and the sweet surprise birthday cake from Jolly Rosa. Hugo had a really fun year with us and he will continue to be our most loved nici plush. See you next year!


  1. How nice with the tart, I hope has passed a very good birthday hehe ^_^

  2. happy birthday, hugo wolf!!!

    Hugs and kisses from MH and her flocks! :)))

  3. Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!!!! I hope you have enjoyed your yummy cake and the many presents I suppose you've had!
    Lots of kisses from Spain :)

  4. @Minghui: TQ! Our flock sends our warmest hugs and kisses back! :-D

  5. @Raquel: Gracias! The cake was delicious. I only want one birthday present - Jolly Lucy! Hehe

  6. Happy birthday dear Hugo! What a wonderful cake and midnight celebration you had! You deserve the best party of all, because you are adorable:-) And maybe your wish for Jolly Lucy will soon come true. Ute would like to help you, because the lovely Lucy is available in Germany... So tell us what size you wish...

  7. Happy birthday! Oh my god, what a sweet pie you made! With all the colours and the icing. And the clothing the sheep are wearing are absolutely adorable. I can think of some sheep of my flock who would have loved being there on that party!

  8. @Leona Löwenherz: Danke Leona and Ute for your lovely birthday wishes *hugs* Hugo is so overwhelmed with joy by your intention to make his Jolly Lucy wish come true but we will be hunting for a charming looking Lucy when she arrives at our stores. Hugo is now only secretly wishing for new clothes to wear :-D

  9. @potamotrygorgeous: Thanks for your birthday wishes! It is indeed a very sweet cake Jolly Rosa made at her first try. Your flock are most welcomed to join our parties! ^_^