Monday, August 1, 2011

NICI Candy Love Hippo

NICI-Mania welcomes the newest addition to the family, a NICI Candy Love Hippo plush!

We are not too sure when this NICI Candy Love Hippo was released but he or she is extremely cute!

NICI Candy Love Hippo has a humongous cute round stomach paired with a cute chubby face

Candy Love Hippo bears the NICI World of Friends tag, she (I'll settle with a her) doesn't have a tag of her own.

Candy Love Hippo is slightly more expensive than other NICI plush toys because she was specially imported by CNS Plaza Singapura

As you might have noticed, NICI Candy Love Hippo has a funny looking tail that looks like a makeup brush!

The most unique part of Candy Love Hippo is the heart shaped love on her feet! Does it remind you of care bear?

Oh no! Candy Love Hippo is gonna pick a fight with Jolly Rosa! Candy Love Hippo is very big sized compared to other nici plush her same height but nobody messes with NICI-Mania's Queen!

No, Candy Love Hippo was just saying "Hi" to Jolly Rosa. We are one big family, we don't fight. Well we do fight sometimes! Other newly joined NICI pirates came for her orientation.

Last but not least, not forgetting our NICI Pirate Gecko. He is fast becoming a favorite among NICI-Mania family here. Maybe its his innocent looking eyes! If real lizards were as cute as this!


  1. Is so beatiful!!! Welcomes to the family haha ^_^


  2. Welcome Hippo! I forgot to comment your previous post, the cushions are really beautiful :)

  3. Hippo is cute! Gecko is almost as cute as my Bruce (Jolly Wolf)

  4. @Bea: Gracias! I remember you have a big cute Candy Love Hippo too don't you? :D

  5. @Raquel: Gracias Raquel! Don't worry about it! Yes the cushions are really beautiful, and great to cuddle! The worm in the green apple is Jolly Lucy's friend, will you be getting it to join your family? :D

  6. @Minghui: Thanks! Hippo sends her warm thank you for your compliments :) That is a big compliment for Gecko to say that he is as cute as your Bruce! Wolfs are the cutest! ^^

  7. wah...hippo so cute....I was thinking to get one too from nici online store...because she is on the sale items. But I'm not sure how to post it to my country :(

  8. Welcome Hippo, you are very lovely with your special heart. And we also think that Gecko is a very cute plush. The photos are sooo nice. Many thanks for sharing :-)

  9. @TG-tiger: The candy love hippo nici online store is selling is a bit different. I'm not sure about the shipping too but it will be too expensive to ship unless you buy a lot of discounted items to cover the shipping cost. That said, the 50cm one is very cute, extremely chubby just like the panda! :D

  10. @Leona Löwenherz: Our gecko is blushing over your wonderful compliments! We send our warmest greetings to you and your flock. It is our pleasure to share the pictures, we're very happy you loved them! ^_^