Sunday, December 11, 2011

NICI-Mania Sushi Day

Today is NICI-Mania Sushi Day and Hugo Wolf brought home some delicious sushi from the supermarket eagerly waiting to share them with Jolly Rosa.

Hugo Wolf: Hey Rosa, it's Sushi Day~

Jolly Rosa grabs the sushi away from Hugo Wolf and exclaimed: "These are ALL MINE!"
Hugo Wolf: "What?!"
Jolly Rosa: "Just kidding, I will share with you"

"Wow~" Both Jolly Rosa and Hugo Wolf looks in excitement *yum yum*

There are idako sushi, chuka kurage sushi and tamago sushi. Jolly Rosa and Hugo Wolf can't wait to start but something is missing...

Jolly Rosa: "Hugo Wolf, go get some soy sauce and wasabi for our sushi..QUICK"
Hugo Wolf: "Okay okay!"

2 minutes later...

Hugo Wolf came back and all the sushi were gone!!
Jolly Rosa burps in satisfaction (^_^)



  1. ooo...poor Hugo....

    ask your human to buy 2 box of sushi next time... :P

  2. Oh Gosh, if I did that and ate all the food, Jerry would not be happy! We always try to share, hehe. Ben

  3. @Jerry and Ben: Hello Ben, Hugo would love to join you for food :D

  4. Lady Schnatter is quiet upset that Jolly Rosa was so mean and had all sushi for herself! Poor, poor Hugo! But perhaps Jolly Rosa had a tummyache afterwards?

  5. Yum!!! My husband is now asking me for sushi too, hehehehe :)

  6. Haha, your Rosa is a very clever girl!!!! But we are sure that next time Hugo won`t share the box of Sushi with her :-) All looks very yummy

  7. @Lady Schnatter: Thank you Lady Schnatter :) Hugo got his share of sushi afterwards :D