Monday, August 22, 2011

A&W Fast Food A&W Restaurant

Minily Edward horse is here at A&W Restaurant. There are more than 30 A&W fast food restaurant outlets in Malaysia currently and we are now in the Johor Bahru Bukit Indah outlet.

A&W fast food restaurant is most legendary for its root beer float which is a root beer soft drink with a scoop of ice cream on top. Save the introduction for the later, Edward horse is going to order our root beer float now!

Edward horse at the counter of A&W fast food restaurant getting our order. The A&W root beer float is already on our tray!

Here we have it! 3 mugs of A&W root beer float dully served. We were given the number plate that indicates our fast food order. Even when the restaurant is not crowded, we still have to wait for our food to be served. The A&W fast food restaurant name did not really befit the fast food category.

A heavenly scoop of vanilla ice cream from our A&W root beer float. Why are we so obsessed with this A&W root beer float is because this drink was a huge hit when A&W restaurant landed in Malaysia during the time we were young. It was the talk of the town and everyone was flocking to A&W fast food restaurant to have a sip of this extremely hyped root beer float.

Edward horse was pretty bored waiting around for our food to come, so we spent the time taking pictures of A&W restaurant. We ordered A&W's waffle ice cream, a classic to go with the A&W root beer float. 

Other A&W restaurant's classic fast food is the burger, coney dog and fried chicken but the cheeseburger is nowhere near MacDonalds, the coney dog is a below average hot dog and the fried chicken is far from par with KFC. Pretty sure the original A&W from USA serves better fast food than A&W Malaysia.

Edward horse still waiting for the waffle ice cream. It is a norm to wait a while before your food is served, A&W fast food restaurant should really remove the fast food from the name and keep it as A&W restaurant.

Speaking of the devil, Edward horse's A&W waffle ice cream is served! The waffle is freshly made, the outer layer still crispy and the inner layer is soft and mushy. This is one fast food that A&W restaurant did well.

There are only 2 A&W fast food restaurant in Johor Bahru, one is here at Bukit Indah and the other at Jusco Permas Jaya. A&W restaurant in Malaysia is already one of the sole surviving countries, all the A&W restaurants in Singapore has already become extinct since 2003 due to poor business. A&W's business in Malaysia is scarce too because most people here only appreciates MacDonalds and KFC.

Let's just hope that A&W fast food restaurant can continue to thrive despite the hardships so that we can always have A&W root beer float and the ice cream waffle. Worst come to worst, you can still buy the A&W root beer soft drink from local supermarkets and add your own scoop of ice cream to make your own A&W root beer float.


  1. @Minghui: Edward says thank you and sends you a big kiss! ^_^

  2. Oh yeah! Edwards is so cute in the pictures haha.

  3. @Bea: Edwards sends another big kiss now to Spain! :D

  4. He ate a lot for such a small horsie.. are you trying to get bigger??


  5. Yum! Rootbeer floats! Papa sometimes makes us rootbeer floats at home, and says that when he was little, his mommy called them "black cows" probably because the vanilla ice cream turned a brown color with the rootbeer.

  6. @Jessica: Yes he is trying to become, not-so-minily ^_^

  7. @Jerry and Ben: Hi Jerry and Ben, thanks for sharing your story!! Other people do call it black cows too, there's a story behind it but anyways, root beer float is definitely one of the greatest invention from America :D

  8. Oh we all got very hungry again while enjoying your post. Minily Edward is indeed lovely and surley he will become a big horse with such delicious waffles and drinks. We would love to try it all :-)

  9. @Leona Löwenherz: You must try the root beer float if you have a chance, its the American classic!! :))