Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NICI Penguin at office this Christmas

NICI-Mania did not have any big Christmas celebration this year but our new friend NICI Penguin is at office this Christmas and we gonna show you all the gifts we got!

A petite hand made paper flower with colorful candies.

A bottle of French Bordeaux wine!

NICI Penguin peeps inside one of these wrapped gifts..

A cute hand held vibrating massager

It's a box of Pocky inside from Watson.

And lastly a huge Christmas hamper!

NICI Penguin is thrilled by all the lovely gifts received in the office. Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas too! (^_^)

We gonna catch up on the Taiwan entries and New Year is coming this week!


  1. Oh I have exactly the same massager as you!!!! It is wonderful, I love it :) The other gifts are very nice!!!
    Kisses :)

  2. That good gifts, enjoy hehe.
    Kisses ^_^

  3. i like ur penguin! he has a v cute face! almost like he's sulking all the time! hehe! So cute!

  4. @Minghui: thank you! Our penguin is thrilled by your compliments! More of his pictures coming!! :D

  5. @Raquel: yes! Our flock is enjoying the massager alot!! :D

  6. cant wait!
    i like the grey penguin too! thinking of getting him! :D

  7. Hello lovely penguin! You have been very lucky to receive all those wonderful gifts! We wish you and your flock all the best and days full of joy and love for the New Year :-) Kisses

  8. @Leona Löwenherz: Thank you Leona and your lovely flock. We wish you all the joy and love for the new year too! With lots of fluffy hugs :D

  9. We love penguins too! There should be a Chinese zodiac year of the Penguin!!

  10. @Jerry and Ben: Wow chinese zodiac year of penguin! Thats certainly a very new idea! :D