Monday, November 28, 2011

AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia

NICI Pug is at AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia 2011 held at Singapore Suntec City convention hall. There is a long queue to get the tickets! Let's go!

The tickets for AFA11 cost S$8.00 each. Anime Festival Asia is where Japanese Anime lovers and cosplayers unite. NICI-Mania loves Japanese Anime hence we're very excited today!

AFA11 is at level 4. Look at the enormous Sunday crowd!

 We don't see any cosplayers, yet..

Then we spotted one! *excited*

And we saw lots of cosplayers! Finally getting the feel of Anime Festival.

As we get to the entrance of AFA11, NICI pug saw Kakashi sensei from Naruto! And a female kakashi sensei?

Huh? Whats that scary thing with a monstrous weapon?!!!!

He's out to kill.....RUN!!!

NICI Pug escapes into the exhibition hall of the Anime Festival Asia and we saw Yui from K-On. Hey doggie, ahem, its kind of inappropriate for you to be sitting in between Yui's leg!

We got some K-On merchandise at AFA11.

We reached the One Piece booth!!

NICI Pug with part of the One Piece characters at AFA11.

One Piece's White beard and his pirate crew!!

Luffy and his straw hat pirates!

One Piece probably has the biggest booth at AFA11.

NICI Pug: I wanna join the straw hat pirates

Brook looks very cool with the guitar!

 One Piece cute figurines at AFA11

We move on from the One Piece booth and there are lots of people cosplaying anime characters inside the exhibition hall of AFA11. Some with pink hair...

and some with purple hair..

Then we passed by the most crowded place at the Anime Festival Asia. 2 members of the guinness record world's largest pop group band AKB48 from Japan is here. The cameras were flashing non stop.

We caught a slight glimpse of AKB48 then we managed to squeeze through the crazy crowd to find some angels!

There's a stall selling swords used by anime characters. Spotted Ichigo's hollow mask and Luffy's straw hat on sale too.

Some swords were actually umbrellas!

Last day of the Anime Festival Asia at Suntec and they are clearing out their stock fast.

What a cool looking Toyota car with cool AFA11 vinyl stickers! More Anime Festival Asia pictures to come in the next entry!


  1. Though I'm not a fan of anime, I like the way cosplayers look. The Toyota is very well tunned!!!

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'((((((((((((((((
    I wished I have went!!!! :((((((((((((

  3. @Minghui: Next year when AFA comes again, we'll ask you to go together with our flock! :D

  4. Thanks dear Pug for sharing these nice and extraordinary pictures with us! The pirate crews are great and we would love to have a sword umbrella! Ute would like to join cosplaying and her favourites are the magic angels :-) The creature with the monstrous weapon is really scary, and we are very glad not to meet him face to face! Kisses

  5. @Leona Löwenherz: Oh yes! Ute has a lot of costumes!! She is actually cosplaying everytime when she wears all the beautiful dresses and costumes :D

  6. The book shop divided it so the best parts were used to altered the sword from its parts to be reissued again and again. This sword was never sold to cadet s. #3 & #6 Ames made 40 for VMI. swords for sale