Thursday, December 1, 2011

NICI Pug - Anime Festival Asia II

NICI Pug brings you part II of AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia at Suntec Convention Singapore.

These anime character dolls are gorgeous.

Lots of them!

NICI Pug is very lucky to get a picture with one of the dolls!

Another Kakashi from Naruto. This time NICI Pug gets a picture with him. Is he gonna chant a ninjitsu to turn NICI Pug bigger? xD

NICI Pug: I have no idea who are they *shrugs* but they look funny :D

Whats this? There's a cafe inside AFA11..!

It's a maid cafe! No wonder all the customers are guys.

This is a very cool BMW!

NICI Pug: Mirai chan, can you give me a ride?

Kekkaishi was one of our favorite Japanese anime! Too bad it only survived one season, and the original manga plot went downhill towards the end. What a waste!

Star Wars characters spotted at the Anime Festival!

NICI Pug vs Obi-Wan Kenobi

 Round 2: NICI Pug vs Spiderman!

Wolverine joins the fight!

Nurarihyon's Grandchild is an on-going anime right now in Japan. It's a great show, season 2 now and we're watching it every week.

Woah! Who's that black angel with wings?

There's a white angel too!! NICI pug is amused by what he saw.

 We pass by a glass shelf at the Anime Festival with lots of beautiful figurines.

All these below are from the anime Fate Stay Night.

The little Fate Stay Night figurines are so kawaii!

Maho Shoujo Sayaka Miki

 There are lots of stalls selling many different anime merchandise at the AFA11.

NICI Pug is going out to grab a coffee and take a rest. More AFA11 pictures to come in part III.


  1. I'm sure that Nici Pug enjoyed the festival a lot. The dolls are fantastic! And the pics with Naruto and others are gorgeous :)

  2. @Raquel: yeah nici pug enjoyed it very much!! It was awesome to see so many japanese anime enthusiast and all the real life anime characters :D

  3. Wow! I love everything, and always wanted to go to one festival but not and had the opportunity.

  4. We love the wonderful photos, especially the one with Pug and the doll and black and white angel! Also we like the Star Wars characters very much and there are so many beautiful figurines! Our plush would like to join such a great event!

  5. @Bea: Thanks Bea, hope you get your chance to go to one of these anime festivals too! Just being in the crowd is already full of fun! :D

  6. @Leona Löwenherz: We love star wars too although it has nothing to do with anime. It'd be fun to see if someone dresses up like Darth Vader!