Friday, December 16, 2011

Castello Blue Cheese

Today Jolly Sven & Svenja presents the Castello blue cheese. Most of our NICI plush toys dare not come out for this photo shoot as they are afraid of the pungent blue cheese smell!

Castello blue cheese is a Danish blue cheese. We love cheese, especially blue cheese! We know that blue cheese isn't the most popular kind of food around here because its smells like over-worn socks but we simply love it!

Stop Jolly Svenja! She's trying to cut through the Castello blue cheese without opening the packaging. Svenja's ear muff is too tight as usual, she couldn't really hear what Sven was saying. All she could utter was, "huh?"

Jolly Sven to Svenja: Be patient, let's get some bread to go with our Castello blue cheese. But Jolly Svenja wants the Danish blue cheese to go with red wine! Wow Svenja, aren't you a NICI sheep with good taste :-)

Jolly Sven & Svenja is now begging their human to open the Castello blue cheese for them as it is sealed. They could not touch it anyway, the strong smell of the blue cheese is already seeping out through the plastic!

Castello blue cheese is a semi soft, slightly creamy blue cheese. The taste is mild and it has an acute salty taste. There is another type available here which is the Danish blue extra creamy. The back of the packaging says that the Castello blue cheese is imported by New Zealand and Australia from Denmark.

Castello blue cheese is widely available in all the major supermarkets like Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, Jusco, etc..There isn't any other choices available here as blue cheese is not popular. We're now eagerly waiting to try the King Island cheese from Australia. Hope it'll be here soon! See ya next time, NICI winter love from Jolly Sven & Svenja.


  1. Looks good, I also like cheese, is very delicious haha ^_^

  2. My sheep also like blue cheese. There are many choices available like German Bavaria blue or the Italian Gorgonzola. This delicious cheese is also yummy as a creamy sauce with penne noodles :-) Kisses

  3. In Spain there is a lot of variety of cheese. We've got one called "Cabrales", from the region of Asturias, with a very strong taste. My husband loves it :)

  4. @Bea: Good, because more cheese coming up at NICI-Mania!! :D

  5. @Leona Löwenherz: Our flock is so happy to have found another blue cheese lover! Would love to try German Bavaria blue and the Italian Gorgonzola if ever there's a chance :D

  6. @Raquel: Cabrales looks like a very intense blue cheese! Our flock is very excited to try it!