Sunday, November 13, 2011

a NICI parcel from Germany

One day, the postman left a note under our door and we went to the post office eagerly expecting a NICI parcel from Germany! We collected the NICI parcel back home and Hugo Wolf is exhilarated by what's inside the box!

Hugo Wolf calls upon Jolly Rosa to join the opening ceremony of our NICI parcel. This is the first time we bought from NICI Germany.

Hugo Wolf awaits in suspense while Jolly Rosa cuts open the parcel!

A very beautiful NICI plastic bag laid upon the bejeweled eyes of our two NICI plush.

Underneath the NICI plastic is a box full of NICI goodies sent all the way from Germany!

NICI-Mania queen Jolly Rosa met her sister, Jolly Rosa! (This is how A Tale of Two Jolly Rosa came about). Jolly Rosa was on sale for only 15 Euros on website! Its a huge bargain for a 50cm Rosa.

Then our NICI minily crocodile met his croco friend, the lying crocodile! We have been wanting to get this for a long time but we couldn't find him anywhere here.

The 35cm lying crocodile plush is also on sale for only 8 Euros on the website. He is Hugo Wolf's pet from now on. Jolly Rosa loves sneaking in photos as usual.

NICI-Mania finally acquired the Little Rocker Wolf! This is only available in Germany and some other countries. Little Rocker Wolf is unfortunately not on sale, we got him for 9,95 Euros.

Next up is a Minily Rabbit, Leopard and Jolly Lovely magnets. These belong to our good friend Minghui from Just Another Day!

Minily Rabbit snaps a picture with our NICI minily family before she goes off to her owner.

NICI minily rabbit is so cute!! We love her so much we hope we can find one here. Off she goes back to her bag, any minute more we won't be able to let her go!

What's this little creature sneaking on top of Hugo Wolf's head?

Its a NICI werewolf! He is a very rare NICI, we have never seen him before anywhere.

NICI werewolf is wearing a torn shirt because he turned into a werewolf from a human. How cute is that!

NICI wolf family photo. 4 different kinds of NICI wolf here! Heard there is gonna be a new NICI wolf coming up next year and we can't wait for it!

Besides all the cute NICI plushies, we also got a very cute bag of potato chips from Germany! Jolly Rosa's favorite snack is potato chips and she is so happy to get one!

And also a packet of mushroom soft candy. It is so cute!!!

The surprise from our NICI Germany parcel is endless! We keep digging into the box and finding new things!

This wonderful box of NICI is from our good friend Leona and Ute from
Thank you ♥ Leona and Ute for sending us such a wonderful parcel all the way from Germany!

After being overwhelmed by joy in opening the parcel, this cute white dog pops up and surprises us even more. We have no idea who this rare NICI plush is but he is very cute and he is very happy to have found a new home at NICI-Mania.

Lastly, we got 2 extremely lovely baby clothes!!! This is actually a birthday gift which Leona remembered and kept in mind for a few months!! Our NICI-Mania flock is simply overjoyed! Many many THANKS to Leona and Ute!!!!! *Hugs & Kisses*

Next, look out for our NICI plushies fighting for these 2 beautiful clothes, more Jolly Rosa entry and Little Rocker Wolf in detail.


  1. So cute, I love everything!
    The Minily rabbit is beautiful, is the cutest! ^_^

  2. We only came across this blog a short while ago and we have been enchanted! We really loved this story. Welcome to all the new German Nicis. We are from Germany, too.

  3. Oh I saw the Nici-online sale as well.. but the shipping is crazily HIGH.. so i called off the idea of buying.. =( So u got ur Germany friends to post it over to u with international postage? LUCKY U...!! =D Saved alot right?

    btw Minily Rabbit is MAD CUTE~~ I WANT TO FIND IT TOO!!

  4. @Bea: Gracias! The minily rabbit is indeed beautiful! Are you going to get one too? :D

  5. @crazy56gal: Yes it was much cheaper sending by German post. If you find two minily rabbits, please help us buy one! We want the brown one. If we find it, we'll help you buy it =D

  6. Much thanks for such a wonderful friend like Leona, wow! She really surprised you with so many gifts in the box. You sure got a bargain there, at nici. I saw sheebo was on sale as well, I think it was 25 cm, don't know for sure, but this Rosa is really a great choice as well. The sweets and chips in the box are not from NICI, I take it? Anyway, enjoy the new additions to your flock.

    How wonderful it is to see that sheep friends are willing to help each other out.

  7. :)
    Bubbles (Nici Minily Brown Rabbit) will be too happy if he hears the praises!!!

  8. @potamotrygorgeous: Sheebo was gone when i wanted to buy from the nici website. We are very happy to have more than 1 Jolly Rosa, she is so lovely! :D

  9. @Minghui: Bubbles deserves all the praise! Hehehe

  10. @Hugo Wolf

    Sure.. U are based in Singapore right? me too.. =) Shall hope we find 2 Minily Rabbit.. me want brown rabbit too.. =D

  11. i will put more pictures of Bubbles! He will be exhilarated! :D

  12. @crazy56gal: Yes we are. The hunt for 2 brown minily rabbit begins! :D

  13. @Minghui: Please post them on your blog!! We will be thrilled to see the pictures! :D

  14. @Hugo Wolf No good news.. =( I found a ebay seller selling the brown rabbit.. But he only left with one.. T.T and with postage n exchange rate, i will be paying 1.5x more than original price in singapore.. T.T
    I'm SORRY~!!

  15. @ Hugo Wolf: Emily from in Malaysia may still be able to get you a Sheebo. I ordered an 50cm from her this week.. She ships worldwide, I think.

  16. @ Hugo Wolf: there is a 25cm Sheebo available on eBay:

    The seller is am-schafhaus.
    I did business with the owner, Daniel.
    He has a website of his own:

  17. @crazy56gal: Wow congrats! So you bought it off ebay already? :D

  18. @potamotrygorgeous: Thanks a lot for your effort to help! But we're not looking for sheebo, already very happy with our 35cm sheebo :D

  19. @Hugo Wolf yups I bought it through a ebay seller.. which happened to be the one potamotrygorgeous recommended..
    Hope u find ur minily brown rabbit soon =D or how abt u find thru amazon? =)

  20. Hello Hugo. Ute is very happy that our parcel brought joy to your home :-) It is a pleasure for us to help you with the plush you wish to have from Germany! We plan to visit NICI shop Freiburg before Christmas and if Minily rabbit is available there, we will buy one for you. Kisses and hugs from all our plush

  21. @crazy56gal: That is great to hear! Please post some pictures and share with us when you get your brown minily rabbit. We are very excited for you! ^_^

  22. @Leona Löwenherz: Hello Leona and Ute! Thank you so much for helping with the minily rabbit! Please let us know if you find it! Our flock is thrilled! Warmest greetings from Hugo and Rosa :D

  23. that is soo nice :)) .I love this site.And you hugo,you and your friends are gorgeous!!! ;)

  24. @Sarah: hello sarah! our flock is thrilled by your kind comments. thanks so much for enjoying our humble blog :D

  25. I must to have litlle rockers wolf. Do u know where can I get him?

  26. Hi, do you still have the minily rabbits? I've a story to tell you