Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arnolds Fried Chicken Arnolds Chicken

Arnolds Fried Chicken or Arnolds Chicken is simply one of the hottest eatery right now in Singapore. NICI-Mania brings our Pirates there to find out whats the fried chicken hype about. Lets go!

NICI Pirates arrived at Arnolds Fried Chicken and the crowd is overwhelming!

Looks like there is a queue system at Arnolds Fried Chicken

There is a menu in front of Arnolds Fried Chicken because you have to order your fried chicken while registering for your queue number.

Once you placed your order with the waitress at the front desk, you will get a queue number and you can wait anywhere in front of Arnolds Fried Chicken.

We are not sure whether this is how Arnolds Fried Chicken normally looks like. We came here because it appeared on tv, so I guess it could be one of the reason why its so crowed.

Our queue number is 13. NICI Pirates waiting impatiently ...

And the crowd at Arnolds Fried Chicken gets even bigger!!

NICI Pirates decided to sit down and wait. Its like waiting for a doctor in a clinic..

Finally the number turns 13!!

Once you're inside Arnolds Fried Chicken, you have to pay at the counter first.

Then the 3 NICI Pirates sat and waited for Arnolds fried chicken to come!

After about 10 minutes, the much awaited Arnolds fried chicken has arrived on our table!

And of course, Arnolds Fried Chicken should go with a cup of ice coke.

We want to introduce a special item on the menu of Arnolds Fried Chicken. The potato chips platter!

Arnolds Fried Chicken's potato chip platter comes with this savory cheese dip. Potato wedges dipped into the creamy cheese *yummy*

Our pirates are very eager to try out all the different types of fried potato chips in the platter. We love this one!

and this too! If you are a potato lover, you definitely want to order this platter to go with your fried chicken. Its a perfect match!

4 pieces of Arnolds fried chicken (thigh and wings, you can specify during order), potato chips platter and 2 ice coke. Not forgetting the lovely cheese dip!

The owner of Arnolds Fried Chicken mentioned on tv that they use fresh chicken bought from the market daily instead of frozen chickens. The juice is simply overflowing from the arnolds chicken. You have to try it to believe it.

Dipping the Arnolds Fried Chicken in cheese is also a great way to eat! *two thumbs up*

NICI Pirates at Arnolds Fried Chicken. You can imagine how many eyes were looking at us while we took this picture.

Arnolds Fried Chicken opens daily from 11:30am to 10pm

Arnolds Fried Chicken is located at the second level of City Plaza, a very old and unseeming shopping center.

We absolute love Arnolds Fried Chicken and will definitely return. Hope you enjoyed our pictures!


  1. Yummy! We think chicken is best when there is HONEY dipping sauce (esp. for little bears) hehehe.

  2. Yum!!! Arnold's seems a very nice place to eat, I love those fried potatoes :)

  3. @Raquel: Those fried potatoes are what we find special about Arnolds fried chicken compared to KFC!

  4. The fried potatoes seems delicious ^_^

  5. Mmmmmhhhhh määähhhh, how yummy all the food looks like! Our flock would love to try all the kinds of potatoes with the delicious chicken and not to forget the wonderful dip. I can imagine all the people looking at you and your cute pirates haha :-)

  6. We don't have an Arnold's here, but by the looks of it, I wouldn't visit. Too crowded for me and my flock. My sheep like life a bit more quiet ;)

    Anyway, I think Arnold's got some nice free advertising from your blog here.

  7. you food picture make me hungry tooo....

  8. @Leona Löwenherz: Almost everyone in the shop turned to look at our pirates :D

  9. @potamotrygorgeous: Arnolds fried chicken don't need any more advertising, they are already so popular. We do hope to go next time with less crowd :D

  10. @monsterloi: Thanks! We're always happy to make you hungry hehe (^_^)

  11. I must try this when I'm back in Singapore. Hopefully, it's still around next year. :D

  12. @NICI-Wildfriends: It will definitely be around, its an old shop with many years of history. Let us know, we'll go together when you're back :D

  13. Which size are the three pirates ? I love them and would like to take them home..

    1. Hi there, our pirate lion and bear are 25cm and our pirate gecko is 15cm :))