Friday, November 18, 2011

Rob Raccoon at Coffee Bean

Ever wondered why Rob Raccoon has 'dark eye circles'? Well, every night he is staying up late sneaking around like a thief but no one ever knows what is he doing. 

One night we caught Rob Raccoon at Coffee Bean, a popular coffee outlet here. Guess what Rob Raccoon is doing?


Rob Raccoon orders 3 cups of coffee at coffee bean!

The time is about 9:30pm now at Coffee Bean in 313 Somerset

and yet another sleepless night for Rob Raccoon..

That is why Rob Raccoon has dark eye circles just like a panda. Oh well Rob, you gotta kick the coffee addiction, Coffee Bean is not gonna make you their mascot anyway :-D


  1. Yummy, Papa loves coffee, he would gladly go have some with Rob Raccoon, but Jerry and me, we prefer hot chocolat.

  2. I am sure, with so much coffee in his belly Rob will be fit the whole night haha. Our Raccoon Sylvester would love to accompany him and share his adventures. He also loves coffee, especially cappuccino. Kisses :-)

  3. I do not like coffee, I prefer hot chocolate haha.

  4. ah. caffeine intoxication ! just what i need for my exams revision now =))

    Lee Fang from FB

  5. @Jerry and Ben@Bea: Looks like 4 of us could go for a hot chocolate outing! :D

  6. @Leona LöwenherzHello Sylvester! Rob raccoon sends his warm greetings! Let's have coffee together :D

  7. @Anonymous: Hello Lee Fang!! All the best in your exams! NICI-mania flock sends you all the luck! ^_^