Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Korean Instant Noodle (Samyang)

In spite of the recent news of Korean instant noodles found having cancer-causing plasticiser. Mutt and Pug are gonna introduce Korean Instant Noodle - Samyang Hot Yukgaejang

Samyang's made in Korea instant noodle is free from contaminants, different from Nong Shim's Korean instant noodles Shin Ramen which is made in China.

You get 2 packs of condiments in the Samyang Korean instant noodle.

First we boil a pot of water and add in some meatballs.

Then we can add in the Samyang Korean instand noodles into the pot.

Next we add in the flavoring packet and also the dried vegetables.

To get more vitamins and nutrients in eating Korean instant noodle, we add in some real vegetables, green leafy vegetables!

Finally to finish it off, crack an egg into the soup. Egg goes very well with the taste of Samyang's Korean instant noodle.

Before we know it, our Samyang korean instant noodle is done! All in 5 minutes. We have meat, vegetables and egg, a very balanced meal.

Pug and Mutt the unhealthy duo proudly presents the healthy version of Samyang Korean instant noodles. This taste much better than Nong Shim's Shin Ramen, try it out some day and you might be a convert like us.

Update!: The Samyang Korean instant noodles cost only S$3.30 at the Korean shop at Marina Square! Much cheaper than NTUC!


  1. Mmmmmh, we love Asian instant noodles, but never found a package with condiments here. So we add fresh vegetables, ginger and sometimes pieces of chicken breast. Your both dogs are very cute and our Beppo sends special greetings to them :-)

  2. I love noodles, are delicious!!! haha.
    Greetins ^_^

  3. i love spicy ramen! will try this brand! and I agree that the korean mart in MS sells some of the cheapest korean yummies!!! :)

  4. @Leona Löwenherz: Our nici pug and mutt sends their greetings to your Beppo! :D

  5. @Bea: Hello Bea, our flock love noodles very much! Heartly greetings! (^_^)

  6. @Minghui: This korean samyang noodles usually cost S$4.50 at ntuc, on offer it goes for S$3.70 The Korean mart in marina square is selling too cheap! :p

  7. YUMMY! What time should we be over for dinner?? hehe

  8. @Jerry and Ben: We'd love to have you guys here for dinner!!! :D