Friday, August 5, 2011

NICI Raccoon Plush Collection

Say hello to Rob Raccoon, the unbearably cute raccoon plush from NICI

He's a mirthful raccoon plush, ebullient and full of energy, fun and loving.

We absolutely adore these NICI Raccoons and you might wonder why are we doing another raccoon entry since the NICI Raccoon Plush Toy entry not too long ago.

Because we have found the most impressive NICI raccoon plush collection ever! How many raccoons do you see here? How about a clearer picture?

How many NICI raccoons plush do you see now?

NICI-Mania presents the most amazing NICI Raccoon plush collection. All these wonderful pictures courtesy from our friend Jessica! ^_^

How many NICI raccoons have you counted? Or have you lost count already? Hehe

More NICI friends join the raccoons

Welcome to the NICI Raccoon plush summit meeting, they are discussing how to attract more fans to love them.

Raccoon plushies reading the NICI catalogue..

Joined by Snowcats!

They say eyebrows tell everything about a raccoon plush! All four of them are having a different mood today, can you tell?

We proudly present... the raccoon plush tower!

Raccoon plush with friends - Jolly Sheebo and Jolly Svenja in the car going for a road trip!

NICI Raccoons with Jack Husky on the way to vacation in..

a nice relaxing lucky they are!

1..2..3..4..5.. raccoons!

NO wait a minute!! There are 2 cute pandas in disguise!

Jolly Mah sheep: This chair cushion is so comfortable, no wonder my owner bought so many of them!!

Jolly Mah Sheep: I am going online to buy more with my owner's credit card!
NICI Raccoon: Help ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jolly Mah and Rob Raccoon having an afternoon tea break.

Its bedtime already..Time to say good night to everybody!

Raccoon plush put on their PJs and...

Hope everyone enjoyed the photos as much as we did!

p.s. Thank you Jessica for sending us pictures of your amazing raccoon collection ^_^


  1. Wow!!!! Congrats to Jessica, she's got an enviable collection!!!!
    See U in september (we are going for summer holidays, hehehe)

  2. My God, many raccoons hehe. I love all the pictures, are beautiful!!! ^_^

  3. @Raquel: Wow! Where are you going to? :D

  4. @Bea: We were also astounded by the number of raccoons when we first saw the pictures!

  5. so beautiful! i am so in love with Rob! am hunting averywhere for one!! ^^

  6. wahhhhhhhh you got a lot of racooooooooonsss

  7. @monsterloi: They all belong to lovely Jessica and they are a bunch of very lucky raccoons! :D

  8. @Minghui: We are helping one of our friend to hunt a 35cm raccoon currently. We can help you hunt a raccoon too! ^^

  9. Yayyyy!! My raccoons are so happy seeing this entry!! Love ur funny n witty comments... Hehehe.. They feel so special now =D I was ROLF-ing through the whole entry.
    Jolly mah was so funny n naughty.. Buying more raccoons for her chair cushion!!

    Thank u so much Hugo for posting our pictures.. We just got a hugo n a very huge snowcat (120cm) one. Our bed small now...

    Anyone counted how many raccoons in my flock yet?


  10. Dear Jessica, thank you for your sweet comment! I am extremely happy that you enjoyed this entry. Jolly mah sheep are always witty and naughty as usual. I hope we get to honor to see some pictures of your Hugo Wolf and big Snowcat with your raccoons :-D

  11. How wonderful Jessica! We love your great cute raccoon company :-) It is wonderful to have such a big collection of one beloved plush! Many thanks Hugo for sharing these lovely funny pictures with us. You did a great job with this extraordinary post, congratulations!

  12. @Leona Löwenherz: I'm happy you enjoyed the post! Jessica's raccoon collection is really tempting us to buy more raccoons! Hope it did the same to everyone else too!

  13. Please do hunt a Rob for me!!! I cant find him in Singapore.

  14. @Minghui: What size do you want? I will help you buy it immediately if I find a cute one! ^^

  15. Jessica really have an impressive collection of raccoon! The "unbearably cute" raccoon in the first photo is so adorable!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi May, sorry for the late reply. We have dropped Jessica a message, hope she does email you back promptly. Yesss, Rob is an incredibly handsome raccoon! We love him lots! :D

  17. So many bears,I guess you are fascinated by it.But these bears are not big should owe a big one.