Wednesday, August 10, 2011

American Hamburger Recipe

Today Jolly Liselle will teach you how to cook American Hamburger. Our American Hamburger recipe is a simple homemade recipe, not lavish but a healthy and balanced meal. Your kids would love it!

Get some fresh green lettuce and tomato, wash them thoroughly.
Chop up half the onion in ring form, and the other half in small little cubes.

Keep the 200 grams of beef in the plastic and wrap around a big bowl. Mix the 100 grams of minced pork into the minced beef.

Soy sauce, salt and pepper is the standard condiments to bring out the taste of the hamburger, half a whole beaten egg protects the meat, breadcrumbs make the meat soft and tender, milk is the secret agent that gets absorbs by the breadcrumb making your hamburger end product juicy and moist.

Lastly, pour the fried diced onions into the meat mixture. Make sure the onions are slightly cooled down.Wrap up the plastic like the picture on the right.

Start giving the meat mixture a nice strong massage to mix the meat well. Lift the plastic bag up and whack it down against the bowl or table. Do this continuously for a nice 20-30 times. If you're not in a good mood today, now its your time to vent the anger on the meat but don't loose control and smack too hard, if the plastic bag ruptures you gonna have a hard time cleaning the mess.

Until the meat looks sticky like this, your hamburger meat is good and ready to visit the frying pan.

Grab a palm full like this into a round hamburger shape. Start throwing it around your left and right palm within the plastic to and fro for 10-20 times to make sure your hamburger meat is firm.

Before going to the pan, gently press a whole in the center of the hamburger meat with your index finger. This is to ensure even cooking for the meat. Do not worry, you won't see the hole in your hamburger meat after its cooked, the meat would have already expanded.
Pressing a finger dent in the middle of the hamburger meat is the same theory as steaming food with a bracket or stand below. The space below ensures circulated ventilation of heat for thorough cooking from top to bottom.
Put the the hamburger meat with the hole side down into the frying pan. Optional: Fry your onion rings at the same time.

American hamburger should not go without a sunny side up egg!
 How to know if the hamburger meat is cooked?

Cooking should take 3 minutes on each side of the hamburger meat but it ultimately depends of how thick you made your meat. So its time for Gourmet 101 again!
How to know if your meat is cooked? Get a wooden chopstick, poke it into your meat for 5 seconds, lift it out and immediately feel the chopstick on your lips. If the chopstick feels warm, it is fully cooked. If juice is erupting out as soon as you put the chopstick in the meat, it is definitely uncooked, forget the lip touching test. Try again later

American Hamburger assembly process
American Hamburger assembly step 1: First get a huge plate, stack the bread first and lay the lettuce on the bread. Make sure you have dried your lettuce well.

American Hamburger assembly step 2: Freshly sliced tomatoes

American Hamburger assembly step 3: Now the onions

American Hamburger assembly step 4: The hamburger meat landed

And finally, the last step: Sunny side up EGG, the American way.

 You can design your American hamburger anyway you like.

Top it off with some chilli sauce and mustard optionally and your simple homemade American Hamburger is complete! Now is tasting time.

Cut in view of our American hamburger. Meat perfectly cooked, egg yolk dripping down.

Alternatively, you can also do a wrap! Hope you have enjoyed our simple homemade American Hamburger recipe today. Bon Appétit!


  1. Thank you Liselle for your delicious recipe :-) We love all the ingredients and got very hungry while reading haha. And we were very surprised to see a garlic salt from Germany! Greetings from our Liselle "Pauline"

  2. @Bea:Thank you Bea, we always love to share!

  3. @Leona Löwenherz: We love this garlic salt! It is very tasty! We bought it from Tesco in Prague, we also bought a herb salt from the same brand. Will try that once we finish the garlic salt. Its about 1,35 € for a bottle, can't really remember but its not expensive.

  4. im craving for this food now. nice presentation!