Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jolly Ben, Jolly Ben, Jolly Ben

Meet Jolly Ben the black NICI sheep plush. If this picture of Jolly Ben looks familiar, you've probably seen him before here. This is not a picture of our Jolly Ben though, refer to another picture below..

This picture of Jolly Ben was taken by us way back in Oct 2008 on the shelf of CNS West Mall in Singapore. Back then, most of the NICI peluches were Jolly Mäh, Jolly Wolf, Jolly Ben, and Jolly Sheebo. We have since regretted not buying this extremely cute 25cm Jolly Ben right here but fortunately


Jolly Ben eventually found his way back home. This 35cm Jolly Ben has the roundest Jolly Mäh face we have ever seen! Okay to be fair, both Ben and our orange NICI sheep Jolly Sheebo shares the same award.

Because of Jolly Ben's big round chubby face, we thought he would be very suitable to bring you some tantalizing food reviews in the future, so stay tuned for more Jolly Ben if you like him.

Older Jolly Mah series NICI sheep has noticeably thicker plush than NICI's newer offerings. 35cm Jolly Ben is a soft, smooth, very huggable plush toy.

By the way, you have already met two Jolly Ben, where is the third Jolly Ben we mentioned in our title?

Here he is and sure you've met mini Jolly Ben before in the Jolly Rosa mini blog post earlier last month. We think that our 35cm Jolly Ben has a hairstyle that resembles the notorious tv personal Simon Cowell. NICI Idol anyone? Jolly Ben will be an honest judge! ^_^


  1. Hahaha, the hair cut is just the same as Simon Cowell's, but I hope our Jolly Ben has a better mood than Simon has ;-)

  2. Hahaha Raquel, I love your comment :D
    Jolly Ben is a joyous sheep so far but we never know he might have a split personality!

  3. I like the round shape of her face, is very cute!!!

  4. Hello Jolly Ben. You are a wonderful sheep with your round face and your thick smooth plush. And you actually look very jolly :-) Our flock loves you and we look forward to more photos of you. Ute sends kisses

  5. i too prefer the older NICI JM..... but i love your jolly ben! it is almost as handsome as mine~! ;p