Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Raffles Singapore with Gustav

Gustav is here at NICI-Mania! After searching all the NICI outlets in Singapore (CNS), we are glad to have found the best looking 35cm Jolly Gustav to match our beautiful Elsa. While Elsa is waiting at home for Gustav, Gustav is here at downtown Raffles Singapore.

Gustav at St Andrew's Cathedral, largest cathedral in Singapore right opposite Raffles city shopping center. This evening is a beautiful weather to take outdoor pictures.

Gustav in front of Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Singapore. The place where Singapore Sling, the signature cocktail of Singapore was invented. Not a fan of Singapore sling cocktail but we did enjoy throwing nut shells all over the floor of Long Bar.

Gustav at At Teng's Bakery. A great place in Raffles Singapore to have homemade breakfast pastries, dim sum, or a traditional half boiled egg and toast with coffee.

The long corridor behind Gustav is all Raffles Hotel, the most famous hotel in Singapore named after Singapore's founder Sir Stamford Raffles but we'll skip the primary school history lesson to another day.

Gustav at another side of Raffles Hotel. Its getting dark now, Gustav is going to have his dinner. More NICI Gustav to come before the ultimate Elsa Gustav meet. See ya next time!


  1. Than good having it, it looks very nice. Kisses ^_^

  2. Hello Gustav, you're finally here! :D

    But you seem a bit nervous when taking these photos :p Hope to see your big smile in the next photos! ;)

  3. Gustav promises to give a huge smile next time he pose, with his lover Elsa :D

  4. Hi Gustav! I see that you like good life :)))
    We love to see photos of interesting places in other countries :)

  5. Welcome Gustav, you are soo cute! Did you have a yummy dinner on the first day with your new owner? Seems that you enjoy your life very much :-) We are very happy that soon you`ll show us pictures of your meeting with your lovely Elsa. Kisses from Germany especially from our Fridolin

  6. Thanks Raquel, we love your pictures of Spain a lot :-)

    @Fridolin: Hello my fellow Gustav sheep friend, I had a great dinner with my owner on the first day. Pictures of my dinner will be coming soon :-)

  7. I love them pictures, Gustav is just adorable! Anyway, your blog is really cute and I hope you won't stop posting because it's rather amazing!

  8. Thanks for your encouraging words. We do hope our passion don't die off after a few years and we hope other nici bloggers don't stop posting too. Its a kind of motivation seeing other nici blogs.

  9. Nice pictures! Seeing the world through the eyes/pictures of our friends makes us feel like "staying at home word travelers" ;-) Thanks!

  10. Hello Hammie:-D Greetings from Hugo & Rosa.
    What you said is entirely true! "Stay at home world travelers" is a very suitable description :-)