Sunday, January 29, 2012

Malaysia NICI Shop (update)

In August 2011, we blogged about Malaysia NICI shop opening since their revamp and relocation at 1Utama shopping center.

5 months later...

NICI-Mania team sets out to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia this January to finally set foot upon the new NICI shop!

NICI Loulou dogs are the first thing that welcomes us to the shop.

The newly revamped Malaysia NICI shop looks a lot more well organized.

We start exploring the new Malaysia NICI shop in full blown excitement!

NICI Hetch Hogan and NICI Pirates

80cm Jolly Sven and NICI Zebra

NICI Ice Guys Penguin

NICI Frederic Fox and Rob Raccoon

NICI Skunk Calvin

NICI Hamster and Matilda Beach

NICI Wild Friends

And finally the NICI Jolly Mah shelf

An adorable 80cm Jolly Sheebo spotted with the cute Jolly Mah Bus!

We are surprised to see many Jolly Jomo (Jolly Mah brown). Either NICI Germany did a reproduction of this old series or these Jomos are leftover from a long time ago. This 50cm is the cutest of them all

NICI lying crocodiles. These weren't available here so we shipped one from Germany from this post here and now they have 2 of them!

Found NICI minily rabbit and lion hiding at bottom shelf too!

120cm Jill Husky is still here! (as seen from our first Malaysia NICI shop visit). But our 120cm Hugo Wolf is gone! *sobs* happy that he has found an owner..whoever that is out there, please treat him well!

We love these nicely illuminated box design.

How nice if we can also have these on the walls of our house all containing cute NICI plush.

Finally we cashed in the RM50 NICI shop voucher given to us for our birthday.

Guessed who came home with us? ♥♥♥

and some didn't come home with us...(regretting now)

NICI-Mania team hope to be back to the Malaysia NICI shop soon. Its simply paradise for us to be shopping in a shop full of NICI plush.

p.s. we are full of gratitude to the 2 very friendly staffs at the NICI shop. Thanks!!!


  1. Yes, it's a paradiese! I'm happy we can purchase it in every other big store and we have loads of these nici stores. I love your site and my sheeps, wolfes, bunnys and so on love it too ;-))

  2. @Minis Bücherblog: saw your cute hugo wolf and jolly sheebo on your blog! :) our flock is very happy that you love our site. please continue to support!! Lots of hugs and kissessssss :D

  3. another raccoon??! so lucky!!!
    i love my Tom Nook!!!

  4. @Hugo Wolf

    Thanks :D They were 'acting' an interview of red riding hood.

    Yes, it's great to see some1 else is fascinated by the NICI plush. My panda (from the header) is traveling a lot too ... but she is a bit jealous of hugo - she only knows Germany so far ;)

  5. @Minghui: yes another raccoon!!!! :D the 35cm might be jealous of our new 50cm though but they are all very cute

  6. @Minis Bücherblog: Germany is a wonderful place! our flock would love to be in the motherland of nici forever!! perhaps you could show us pictures of some beautiful places in Germany in your blog! we are big fans of seeing nici plush travel at different places of the world we can't be in :D

  7. I love the store, everything is beautiful!
    I bought all three? the minily looks beautiful! ^_^

  8. @Bea: Gracias! We'll show you all the new NICI plush we bought in a later post :D

  9. So great to take a look in this shop.

    I heard myself sighing when I saw Jomo, Sheebo and Liselle. Like they are all waiting for me to go and get them haha!

    Always gives me a weird feeling in my stomach when I see sheep wrapped so tight in plastic though..

  10. Weird indeed, that Jomo seems to be getting less and less rare.. maybe NICI will restock the black-faced and pink sheep as well :)

  11. @Potamotrygorgeous Mäh: hopefully nici is reproducing all the colorful jolly mahs, all of us would be elated!! but the quality is not as good as the initial batch if you would notice. the newer jolly rosa we got from Germany looks different than our older jolly rosa

  12. OMG!!! I would stay living in the shop forever!!! You are very lucky for having a Nici shop near :)

  13. @ Hugo: I have noticed that yes, that there appear to be different Rosa's in circulation. The older ones are more grey-isch in their skin. Their face is more soft, not so square, and it seems to have a softer grey-isch colour as well.

    Can you tell me the difference between the batches of the Jomo? The newer ones seem to have more white-like face than the old ones, but I am not sure.

  14. Wonderful purchase!! Finally you got the minily rabbit, along with another raccoon & very cute-faced elephant =D (PS: do you still want rabbit from jakarta?)

    and I spotted 25cm lying raccoon!!!.. can anyone please please please get her(raccoon), hamster & 50cm frederick fox and ship it to Jakarta (indonesia)? I will transfer you via bank transfer or paypal. Thank u


  15. @Raquel: We wish to stay in the nici shop forever too!! :D

  16. @potamotrygorgeous: Yes the old ones have rounder and darker face. The newer batch kinda looks slightly unnatural but they are all cute. For some others, for example the nici raccoon, the older and newer batch spots different plush material and the grey color slightly different too. Older ones being darker and newer ones are light grey.

  17. @Anonymous: Oh ya!! Yes we want the brown rabbit minily. we want 2 of them!! :D

    sent you a mail ^_^

  18. The shop is wonderful and our flock says many thanks for the beautiful photos. We always love to visit other shops with our dear plush friends :-) Wow, they offer a 80 cm Zebra, that`s great. Your new plush are sooooo cute and very lucky to live with your friendly and funny flock now!!!! Hearty greetings and have much joy with all of them

  19. Thank you Leona for your wonderful comment as always! :))

  20. Beautiful Place

  21. Hi, does NICI Malaysia ship to South Australia? I live in Adelaide and there is really a shortage of NICI plushes down here.