Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fish n Chips at Fish and Co

One beautiful evening Hugo Wolf dated Jolly Rosa to eat Fish n Chips at Fish and Co. We are at The Glass House outlet at Park Mall. This is the most unique Fish and Co outlet in Singapore, we'll show you why.

Meantime, where's Rosa? Hugo Wolf waited, pondered and waited, and waited...
in front of the glass house until sun set but still no sign of Rosa

A familiar voice closes in and a dejavu strong pat on Hugo Wolf's shoulder would only mean..Jolly Rosa: Come Hugo, let's go in and have our Fish n Chips!

Our nici couple is very excited to be going out on a date for the first time. Jolly Rosa and Hugo Wolf is gonna order the New York Fish n Chips and the Best Fish n Chips in town.

One of the most distinguishing furnishing at The Glass House Fish and Co is the brightly lit rows of colorful glass bottles behind the counter.

The most unique architectural feature of The Glass House Fish and Co is the building covered with huge glass panels from the top to the sides.

Picture on the left shows a small stage with music equipments but we never seen live bands performing here before.

Seafood in a pan is Fish and Co's tagline. Yes, they actually do serve their fish n chips in the real pan but its not the same pan that they use to cook your seafood. Everything here is deep fried in a huge electric deep fryer and then served on the pan.

Jolly Rosa exclaims to Hugo Wolf: Hey did you see that? There's a skeleton fish on our table! Hugo blatantly replied: Fish and Co killed the fish to make our fish n chips and left the remains on our table! After our nici couple's nonsense talk, their drink is here..

They ordered the Tropical Punch, which is 1 for 1 at $3.90 so its perfect for our nici toy couple. This is the usual style of drinks at Fish and Co with the syrup at the bottom and the soda on top. You have to mix them well before drinking.

While they continued to wait for their fish n chips to come, Hugo wolf wanna show you the ceiling of The Glass House Fish and Co building. Its...made of glass! 

On our right is the semi spiral staircase leading to the 2nd floor but its usually not opened unless for some special occasion.

     After about 15 minutes, their fish n chips arrived!!
Jolly Rosa ordered the New York Fish n Chips at $15.95 and as what Fish n Co promised - Seafood in a pan served to you.

On the outside, it looks exactly the same as your normal fish n chips, so they put an american flag to differentiate between the normal fish n chips and this New York fish n chips.

On the inside of the New York fish n chips, it is stuffed filled with mozzarella cheese. But its not the kind of cheese that will drip out like cheese sausages, its rather dry making the fish n chips fish fillet dry too.

Upon closer inspection you can see the mozzarella cheese is punched right in the middle of your fish fillet meat. This is a chef recommended dish at Fish n Co but we personally do not recommend unless you are really dying to have cheese.

Hugo Wolf on the other hand ordered the standard fish n chips. The signature dish at Fish and Co which they self proclaimed it The Best Fish n Chips in Town.

The signature fish n chips at Fish and Co comes with a deep fried dory fish fillet, french fries, a slice of lemon and most importantly of all - the tartar sauce! There are some condiments missing this time at Fish and more diced garlic and chilli sauce.

Not sure why these two condiments were omitted from Fish and Co, but the diced garlic was a pretty nice addition, it goes really well with the fish n chips and french fries. 

Good thing the tartar sauce is still available and they did not attempt to charge extra for the copious amount of tartar sauce Hugo requested.

Tartar sauce has some lemon in it, so it does a really good job of neutralizing the deep fried fish n chips and french fries that goes charging relentlessly through your throat.

Jolly Rosa had just noticed the cute rubber coaster in fish and co which they use to put our drinks on.

The Glass House is the flagship Fish and Co outlet in Singapore and it is rumored that they serve the best Fish and Co Fish n Chips in town. Not entirely true on the most tasty Fish n Chips part but we enjoy eating dinner in this beautiful entourage.

Best time to go is in the evening where you get to see the view of the glass house in the diminishing daylight and the night view after you finish eating the fish n chips and the lights turn on.

Fish and Co (The Glass House)
9 Penang Road, #01-24 Park Mall, Singapore
Opposite Plaza Singapura shopping mall
Tel: +65 6334 1858
Opening hours: 11:30am to 10pm
Recommended food to order: Best Fish n Chips in Town


  1. i love the NY fish and chips but can only tahan 1/2 of it! cos too cheesey! :))))

  2. @Minghui: we could finish the whole ny fish n chips but will end up not wanting to eat cheese for the whole month haha!

  3. Mmmmh, this fish n chips looks very yummy, and we would love to enjoy it in the wonderful atmosphere of this special glass house :-) What a beautiful place for a first sheepy date!

  4. We have to stop readying your blog Hugo! Every time we visit, we're starving after because the photos of the food look so yummy! hehe
    We love fish and chips too; the best we had was in London, super beary yummy!

  5. @Leona Löwenherz: it is indeed a great place for sheepy couples to dine in the glass house. they absolutely love it :D

  6. @Jerry and Ben: thank you for showing us utmost support everytime we do food entries!! london is the originating place for fish n chips. we're excited to hear that the best fish n chips are served there :D

  7. Hugo must love Rosa a lot if he waits for her for so long. Girls always take their time to get ready ;)