Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nici - A World Of Friends @ 100% pure New Zealand

New Zealand, a beautiful paradise for tourists and ... sheeps.

Some of our Nici soft toys know that, so they flew over to NZ and stayed there. You'll never feel lonely in a foreign country.

( photos taken in Apr 2009)

Auckland, the most populous urban area in NZ.
Will there be any Nici plush hide among the city?

A 50cm NICI Jolly Mäh at Auckland NZ market, style himself with a fernleaf scarf.

Next, what surprise we will find at South island of NZ, Queenstown , the "Adventure capital of the world" ?

*blink blink*
Found that more Nici soft toys having their adventure here! Hugo Wolf, Jolly Mäh and Jolly Ben in differrent sizes!
Spot any other Nici toys?
Are they still waiting their owner to bring them home from the shop in Queenstown NZ?

A little souvenir from Christchurch NZ. Jolly Ben keyring.

Most of the Nici soft toys in NZ are attached with the heart shaped tag :
" Just Love New Zealand "

" Hello, I am Jolly Ben from New Zealand.
If you see my other Nici soft toy friends when you are traveling,
remember say hello to them, and give them a hug.
Sweet As! "

* * *

Now, Jolly Ben has something to share with us ...

We are shocked and heartbroken how things can be different within just 2 years ( and after one month of the above drafted).

All our Nici plush pray for New Zealand and Japan for a smooth and quick recovery from the destruction. 

"The living moment is everything. ~D.H. Lawrence"


  1. New Zealand, I would like to visit that wonderful country one day in my life...
    We pray for Christchurch with you :((
    Hope things will go better...

  2. Surely things will get better.
    Kisses ^^

  3. I haven't gone back to nz for over 2 years now. miss the country sooooooooooo much.

  4. @RaquelYes, hope you can visit the country someday as it is quite a unique travelling experience. But it will be a very long journey from Spain to NewZealand :)
    @BeaAbsolutely :)
    @myfluffyDo check out if there are more Nici plush in NZ when u back there by any chance :D

  5. We feel very sad about Christchurch. Must be wonderful to visit NZ. Unfortunately it is really far away. But maybe some day we`ll be there. Thanks for the beautiful photos! :-)

  6. @Leona Löwenherz
    Germany to NZ is really far, it is something like flying to America for us. Takes more than a day on the plane to reach but I'm sure Ute will be there one day ^_^