Monday, June 27, 2011

Poland - Kraków (Krakow)

As we moved on from Slovakia, we stopped by a gas station and found the sign saying Kraków. Krakow is our next destination, one of the oldest city in Poland and the capitol of Poland previously.

Here is Jolly Wolf again, on the road. He wonders how much further is it to get to Krakow, Poland. Jolly Wolf did not get any pictures here but we still decided to post this entry to share the pictures of this unique country. Hope you enjoy them! ^_^

 Poland uses their own currency, you have to get your euros changed to Polish Zlotys.

This beautiful tree is the big welcome for us as we approach Wawel Hill Krakow.

Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral are situated on top of Wawel Hill

The 1,000 year old Wawel Cathedral - Krakow, Poland

What is Jolly Wolf's human doing beside the statue of Pope John Paul II

We head next to Krakow Market Square of the Old Town in Poland

Its a Sunday and the Krakow Market Square is full of people

A head in the middle of Krakow Market Square!!

St Mary's Church or St Mary's Basilica is the main attraction of the Krakow Market Square in Poland.

Gorgeous interior of the gothic St Mary's Church, Krakow

And we saw this awesomely cool street performer in front of St Mary's Church. Try taking a picture of him and you will know how fast he reacts to looking away from your camera.

Krakow Church St Peter and Paul of Poland


Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Oswiecim Poland

Arbeit macht frei (work brings freedom) sign at Auschwitz concentration camp

Auschwitz concentration camp is a very sad place.

There we a lot of tourist and school children during the visit. No one was laughing or making jokes.

Block 14a - Auschwitz concentration camp

Our steps got heavier throughout the guided tour with explanation and pictures.

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp Gas Chambers where thousands to millions of people were killed. It still sends chills to your spine walking into one of these gas chambers even though many tourist walks in and out everyday.

Spring flowers in Krakow Poland to brighten up the sad pictures above, before we leave for another destination in Eastern Europe - Prague, Czech Republic. There will be much more Jolly Wolf pictures in Prague but we will break for another entry and the final entry of this Eastern Europe series will be in Germany where we visit a few NICI shops so stay tuned!


  1. Jolly Wolf will be most saddened by the concentration camp! :'(
    I just hope NEVER AGAIN will this deed be repeated.

    But Slovakia is beautiful! ^^

  2. Anyway, it is very beatiful ^_^

  3. Wow, Krakow market square is so lively! This really change my impression for Poland :D

  4. @Minghui: yes, we won't ever go again to that sad place. Our flock is a crazy happy bunch :-D

    @Bea: Thanks Bea! Glad you liked it :-)

    @Brigette: Yes it is! And we met a few friendly locals who smiled and chat with us. They speak very good english too, so no need to worry about walking around getting lost

  5. Krakow seems to have nice places to visit. We love the photos of the beautiful buildings and squares. And we feel speachless and sad about the awful and sad place of Auschwitz. Never again all over the world people should be so barbarous. But genocide still exists and there is no excuse for such a cruel behaviour!