Friday, June 24, 2011

Jolly Wolf Europe - Budapest

The owners of Nici-mania blog have planned for a tour to the mysterious, cultural and historical countries in Eastern Europe during the season of Spring... ...

While waiting to board the plane at Changi Airport Terminal-1, Jolly wolf pops out from his owner's bag: Surprise!!!

Oh! Naughty Jolly Wolf has followed his owner to the airport. "Bring me, pleaseeee....", Jolly Wolf begged. "Shhhhh.... back to the bag ok? No animals are allowed to board with the passengers"

Well, Jolly wolf is exhilarated as he knows that the final part of the our Europe adventure will end at Germany, Jolly Wolf's hometown - the motherland of NICI.

Jolly Wolf has board the plane safely! Testing the earphones.

"Let me take the remote and check out if there are movies : Red Riding Hood or Wolverine on the plane... "

Jolly Wolf is flying with Royal Dutch Airlines, so they are serving Heineken.

14 hours to go.. Our first stop, Budapest - the capital of Hungary

Budapest is a city made up of Buda on the right and Pest on the left connected by the Chain Bridge - a cast iron suspension bridge hovering across Danube River.

Budapest's Fisherman Bastion.

On top of the Budapest Fisherman Bastion

View of Budapest Fisherman Bastion on the other side.

Budapest St Matthias Church right beside the Fisherman Bastion.

The beautiful interior of St Matthias Church

Altar of St Matthias Church

Jolly Wolf takes a Danube River cruise in Budapest

Look, the sky is now covered with clouds but its not raining, a great weather for Danube River cruise. It has been raining irregularly everyday at Budapest. We are lucky its not raining now!

Jolly Wolf says Hi from Danube river with his human.

Jolly Wolf lies down for a nice sun tan during the cruise

During the excursion, you can enjoy the view of Mathias Church, Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest Parliament Building, Gellert Hill (our dinner's place), etc, on both Buda & Pest river banks.

Budapest Parliament Building is probably the best view of Danube river cruise with its gorgeous neo-Gothic design.

Jolly Wolf be careful where you're sitting!!

Jolly Wolf had so much fun on the cruise, we are bringing you to visit another great place in Budapest. Let's go!

After the Danube river cruise, we arrive at Budapest Heroes Square where you can see the magnificent statue of Archangel Gabriel on top.

Full view of Budapest Heroes Square

Look where his eyes are looking ^_^
Hmmm... Maybe he found Jolly Wolf suspicious ? ? 

View of Budapest on top of the Fisherman Bastion. Hope you enjoyed this entry.

Last but not least, here are some delicious hungarian food we've eaten:
1. Hungarian goulash, a famous European soup or stew of meat + vegetables.
2. Top right is a Palatschinke, a popular European pancake or crêpe.
3. Bottom left is chicken in green sauce with rice (the set of trio set dinner)
4. Lastly, also a chicken in green sauce while the food covered below is baked cheese + ham with pineapple (yummy!). We bought this in a food court of a Budapest shopping center.

See ya at part 2! Jolly Wolf is going to another Eastern Europe country - Slovakia


  1. How lucky! the first stop is beautiful, all photos are beautiful. Jolly Wolf I hope you had a great time on your trip hehe ^_^

  2. So beautiful! i am so going to Eastern Europe next year!!

    "And dear Jolly Wolf, Enjoy yourself!! My human MUST bring me to Eastern Europe too! " - from Bruce (MH's 15cm Jolly Wolf)

  3. hoho~cool! enjoly~~
    we are Whee~~~~~~~~~~~~:D

  4. Thank you for all your comments!

    To Bruce (Jolly Wolf): I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip next year in Eastern Europe with your human! We look forward to that ^_^

  5. Beautiful photos! We hope to visit there one day!

  6. Many thanks Hugo for the wonderful photos of Budapest. We love them all, especially the ones from Fisherman Bastion, Danube river and the imposing angel. We wish you a great time in Europe and have a lot of fun with culture, food and relaxing hours. Greetings :-)

  7. @Jerry and Ben
    Thanks! We'd love to see Jerry and Ben having a Europe adventure, it'll be fun :D

  8. @Leona Löwenherz: Many thanks for your lovely comments! We'll be sharing much more pictures, especially those in Czech and Germany ^_^

  9. Jolly Wolf and Jolly Logan should travel together!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOOOF!!!! MAAAAAAAAH!