Thursday, June 16, 2011

NICI New Clothes Day

Today is a special day, NICI-Mania calls it New Clothes Day. Our nici toys received a gift, a cute baby clothing (Thanks mom!) and every plush is so excited as we will decide who gets to wear it.

Without hesitation, our dumb hugo wolf went in first to try out the new clothes and got stuck at his nose. Its too small for 50cm hugo wolf..

Immediately after, nici snow reindeer quickly grabbed the new clothing from hugo and put it on. Looks like its too big for 25cm snow reindeer..

Along came 15cm NICI Pug and everyone was in exasperation by his dumb actions. Well, look at the picture you see..

A savior came along, it was nici raccoon who then exclaimed: 
"This new clothes will fit a 35cm nici!" couldn't get past nici raccoon's head

HAHAHAHAHA..Sheebo and reindeer laughed their asses off as Rob bangs his head in humiliation.

NICI lion stepped up to put on the new clothes and asked in a sanguine disposition, "How do i look, BABY?". Ermmm you don't seem to fit the clothing very well Paul.

Jolly Sheebo came shouting, "Gimme the clothes, I'm sure i can fit just nice!"
Everyone faints and couldn't stop laughing especially Rob raccoon who laughed uncontrollably.

Jolly Sheebo: WHAT? Rob Raccoon: Next time don't laugh at me first! HAHAHA

Then came Jolly Liselle
Liselle fitted perfectly in the new clothes!

Its like a match in heaven for Liselle but something seems to be missing..

The new clothing isn't complete without a nice pair of shades!

NICI Jolly Liselle new transformation complete!

Jolly Liselle is the lucky nici sheep today to get a set of new clothing. Hope you enjoyed this entry!
- Sample gallery of Jolly Liselle with her new clothes -

Liselle looks beach-ready anytime! Get your nici friends to come along!

Fascinating about sunbathing on the lovely sands of Côte d'Azur

Jolly Liselle color sketch effect

NICI Pug who got used as a cushion to support Liselle for standing.

The funny duo nici raccoon and jolly sheebo who made this entry so interesting!

- The End -


  1. That funny with clothes hehe. Liselle the end is the best-fit, this very cute *__*

  2. Yes, Liselle is very cute in the clothes!

  3. ROFL!! Liselle how did the clothes can go thru ur nose when it was stuck on sheebo? hmmm.. i wonder..Ur nose is bigger than his..


  4. @AnonymousSheebo had a much rounder/fatter short nose wider in diameter than liselle, we couldn't put it through without tearing the clothes haha

  5. Hahahaha, what a funny post :)
    And Liselle looks so lovely in her new clothes... the sunglasses are super-cool!

  6. @RaquelThank you Raquel, Liselle is our new favorite now after her successful transformation. Rosa is a bit jealous!

  7. Our flock is very amused about this funny post, many thanks. Liselle looks so lovely in her new clothes, a pretty sheep model! Greetings :-)

  8. @Leona LöwenherzOur flock is still very jealous of your flock's pretty clothes and dresses! :D

  9. Those sunglasses look beary cool! You look like a famous movie star!

  10. @Jerry and BenHello Jerry and Ben, thanks for the swell compliments! :D

  11. Hmmm! Now what Liselle lack of is a motorbike! :D

  12. are you going to buy jolly b'day?

  13. HAHA~Give u a "GREAT"
    like it so much~
    by:Sugizo X

  14. @TG-tigerI don't think we will buy the 25th anniversary Jolly Mah, the design is not really appealing although the value for collecting is high. We might not even get a chance to get one here unless we ship from overseas.

  15. @AnonymousThanks! Haha, next time new Liselle will come look for you :-)

  16. Liselle looks very very cute in her new clothes, good choice! I see Sheebo bummed out in the chair, probably wishing he could wear something different for a change haha.

  17. @Potamotrygorgeous Mäh
    You're right, I'm sure Sheebo is wishing for a different outfit for a change, rather than his usual orange pullover :-D

    Thanks for your compliments! Liselle is a very happy sheep!

  18. What are the sizes of your flock? Mostly 35cm?
    I would like to see all of them once, all together in a picture. Do you have any?

  19. @potamotrygorgeous: They are mostly 35cm and 25cm, I have not taken a recent group picture of all of them together. Noted your request! We will find a time and take a picture of all of them. Would love to see all your flock too!

  20. Lots of sheep gathered recently to welcome a very special sheep, here you can see some of my flock: