Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nici Jolly Liselle Sheep - A Bus Ride Home

"Yay, someone finally bought me off the shelf"

"Acting cute with my big eyes and chubby face works hehe"

"My new owner is taking me back, I'm so excited, can't wait to get out from the plastic wrap"

Liselle joins the family with a simple welcome home party.
A scotch single malt whiskey..
and a sweet Hokkaido Beer...

"Hi I'm Liselle, the newest in the family, I love drinking beer and whiskey just like my dad :D"
Liselle, are you over 21?


  1. Just come to Spain, you only have to be 18 :-))

  2. In other countries the majority of drinking age is 20 years. That pretty Liselle finally found a home ^^

  3. Liselle is very happy to have finally found a home. Liselle also wish to visit the wonderful city of Madrid one day :)