Thursday, December 16, 2010

Milo's Christmas Preparation

Christmas is just one more week away! Let's see what our NICI toys are doing to prepare for their favorite event of the year. Starring our very cute Milo Gorilla from NICI Wild Friends:

*drag* ... *drag* ... *drag* ...

"Milo, what are you doing?"

"Christmas is coming hohoho, I'm going to setup a Christmas tree in the house".
Jolly Mah:"Okie, I'll go get help!" :D

"Come Lis, let's go help Milo.."
Jolly Liselle : "ya?.."
Jolly Mah : "Just move it!" :D

"Ooo.. ugh.. push..."
The two white sheep plus one black gorilla trying to fix the stand..

"We need some decorations for the tree!"

"Opps..." hehe :p playful as always!

Jolly Mah :"We'll put some bells"

Jolly Liselle loves the snowman although it'll never snow here..

"I'll put the star on top of the Christmas tree and we're done!"

"No wait! We need some lightings too!"

Liselle :"Jolly Mah, these lights are beautiful"

Liselle : "By the way, what's that on your hair? I've been seeing it all day"

"Do I look like some movie poster without the rose petals?" *grins*

Sheep and gorilla, stop playing with the lights already! Let's get the Christmas tree done!

Our beautiful Christmas Tree with decorations!

NICI Milo Gorilla wishes everyone "Happy Holidays!"


  1. Hello everybody, i like these lights!! I found your blog on raquels blog with the red christmas tree, and now i see your beautiful ideas about christmas.
    I´m a sheep from austria maybe you will visit my blog? Sometimes i post in english, but my english is not very well, but i´m a sheep, i will try.
    best wishes

  2. Hehehe, I love those photos with your fluffies and the lights on their head :))))
    very funny!!!
    I wish you a merry-merry fluffy Christmas ;-)

  3. That pretty decorating the Christmas tree, the photos you have been very nice. The stuffed animals come out very funny ^_^

    Marry Christmas!!!

  4. Hi Schmusibu, thanks for stopping by my blog. Austria is a very beautiful country! Only been to Vienna, hope to visit Salzburg next time. I followed your blog, Danke :)

  5. Hi Raquel and Bea, thanks for the comments. Merry Fluffy Christmas to you two.

    Merry Fluffy sounds great, haha :D