Sunday, September 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

 NICI-Mania team just got back from the SingTel Galaxy Note 3 launch event at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, B2 Hall E.

Look what we came back with!
A brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

We love the "go-green" using recycled paper theme of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The box is absolutely gorgeous.

The main attraction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the 5.7inch full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels super AMOLED touchscreen that has pixel density 386ppi compared to the Apple iPhone 5s 1136 x 640 pixels 326ppi.

In simple words, you get a much better and bigger screen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 compared to the also newly launched iPhone 5s.

p.s. Notice the NICI Pirates wallpaper on the Galaxy Note 3 (^_^)

The back cover of the Galaxy Note 3, now spots a nice faux leather instead of the usual plastic offering from all the other Samsung Galaxy model phones.

Let's start unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

The quick start guide and all the papers inside printed on recycled paper. Everything except for the warranty card.

 All the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 accessories packed into the petite small box.

 The Galaxy Note 3 in-ear headset with volume control. Something you don't find on our previous Samsung Galaxy S2 headset.

We noticed an interesting thing with the Galaxy Note 3 battery charger.

It looks really weird and the usb port is on the right side of the charger. Why can't they just make it like the usual Apple iPhones charger. Small and compact.

Another thing to note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 flat usb cable looks slightly different from the usual android phone's usb cable. We are still clueless why is it different. However you can still use the normal usb cable (in blue colour) to plug into the Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 "unique"usb cable plugged into the phone.

This packet of... hmm...

Let's have a look at the phone
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 5.7-inch. It has the most beautiful screen ever seen on a mobile device. Although it has the same full HD resolution as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra (that monstrosity of almost a 7inch device), the smaller 5.7-inch gives the phone higher pixel density.

The notification bar on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be expanded to show a ton of options.

The Galaxy Note 3 calendar, they call it the S-Planner where you can use your S Pen to write or draw on the calendar.

Speaking of which, the cool feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the S Pen. It introduces a whole new world of possibilities to the Note 3, something we will explore later on.

Apparently, Samsung has been listening to the end users (that is us). They have now included the "Assistive Light" which turns on the flashlight on the back of the Galaxy Note 3 by just touching on the icon. You no longer need to download the app to have this feature.

Samsung have also also added the "Assistive Touch", the white colour window looking box below the assistive light. It has the ability to let you go to the home screen without pressing the physical "home" button. However on the Note 3, the assistive touch is highly customizable, something they took from the Apple iPhones and made it better.

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 flashlight in action!

One of our most frequently accessed feature, the Alarm Clock can now be placed on the home screen. Now you no longer need to go into the alarm app to turn on/off the alarm. You can simply turn it on/off directly on the home screen. That is something iPhones can never do, as you cannot customize your iPhone home screen.

Jolly Rosa having fun with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen. We are still figuring out how to use it. After we do, we will do a more detailed Galaxy Note 3 review.

We loved our new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone and Jolly Rosa couldn't agree more!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that replaced our Samsung Galaxy S2.


  1. That cool! Very good buy!!! ^__^

  2. We like the wooden box too, how tasteful a company can wrap gifts, right? Hope you have lots of joy with your purchase!

  3. Hello! I haven't visit for a long time, kind of miss seeing your plushies post
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