Monday, September 30, 2013

Durian Snow Skin Mooncake

Its the time of the month again, the mooncake festival month. Last year, Jolly Rosa introduced the mooncakes and also played with lanterns. You can see the previous mooncake festival post here:

This year, Jolly Rosa is having Durian snow skin mooncake from Shangrila!

 Here's a look at the delicious shangrila durian snow skin mooncake.

The Shangrila Durian Snow Skin mooncake came in a very unique purple box.

It has flower embroidery on the box, making it look posh and classy.

Shangrila durian snow skin mooncakes are freshly made, hence it must be consumed within 3 days and kept refrigerated always.

Upon opening the cover, you can find 8 nicely packed little boxes.

Each box contains the mini durian snow skin mooncake in a classy plastic container.

Jolly Rosa cannot wait to get her hands on the durian snow skin mooncake.

As widely known, Goodwood Park's durian snow skin mooncakes are legendary.

However we have decided to go for the Shangrila durian snow skin, so we got the double egg yolk lotus paste mooncakes from Goodwood Park.

The double yolk lotus paste mooncake from Goodwood Park is not worth trying though.

The Shangrila Durian snow skin mooncake on the other hand, highly recommended!


  1. Beary yummy looking cakes! How can you possible choose the best one without trying them all, several times just to make sure!

  2. We love them small cakes, because then you have space in your stomach to eat more of them :)

  3. Oooohhh... durian!! That's definitely an acquired taste! They do look yummy though!