Saturday, August 24, 2013

no menu Italian Restaurant

Welcome to no menu Italian Restaurant. One of the best Italian restaurant in Singapore.

no menu Italian Restaurant in fact.... has a menu! However all the dishes are written in Italian.

 We brought Jolly Mah to no menu Italian restaurant today! What a lucky sheep!

If you are not familiar with what Italian dishes to order, look for the friendly waitress at no menu and they will provide their optimum services to recommend you their Osvaldo Forlino family's traditional Italian delicacies.

For starters, we got ourselves a whole Burrata cheese. Burrata is fresh Italian cheese, made from Mozzarella and cream, recommended by the friendly staff at no menu.

Then we got the Serrano smoked ham, strongly recommended by the no menu staff.

Some yummy bread to go with the Burrata cheese.

One mouthful of the Burrata cheese and the bread is a series of delightful explosions in the mouth. After the cheese, bread & smoked ham, we were already half full at no menu and those were just starters.

How can Italian food go without some wine!

We got ourselves a bottle of Chianti Antinori. Goes well with the pasta, white meat and red meat we ordered.

no menu - Pellegrino. This is an Italian brand of sparkling water

no menu - Clams in white wine sauce

The long waiting time at no menu restaurant is of no surprise for an Italian restaurant.

Finally our main dishes are here. First up is the T-Bone steak recommended by the no menu staff. It was a huge portion but they helped us cut it into many slices in 2 plates.

We forgot to mention to the waitress how we want the steak to be done. It came almost medium rare and we were very pleased with how it was perfectly cooked.

no menu - Spaghetti Gamberi (Italian Prawns Spaghetti)

no menu - Porcini Mushroom

no menu - Squid ink pasta

no menu - Saffron Risotto

While we waited for the bill, the waitress served us the Meringue with Ricotta cream. It is a perfect finale to our sumptuous Italian meal at no menu.

Total bill at no menu came at a pristine cost. However it was well worth the money to pamper your stomach with Italian food.

no menu (Italian restaurant)
21 / 23 Boon Tat Street,
Singapore 069621
Tel: +65 6224 0091
Fax: +65 6423 1339

no menu is currently expanding and they are opening a new no menu BAR right beside the existing no menu bar along Boon Tat street.

no menu BAR will be catering for the lunch crowd at the busy business district with slightly affordable price hopefully.

**latest update: no menu bar will be opening end August.


  1. Wow, all these wonderful food pics made us very hungry :-) We are sure that you spent great hours enjoying all these delicious Italian offers. Greetings

  2. what a lucky sheep =) & I guess the sheeps in Nici mania flock are not vegetarian.. hehehe

    - Jessica