Sunday, February 26, 2012

NICI Beaver (2011 NICI Summer)

Summer pants!

Flat broad tail..

Cute front teeth!

NICI Beaver is here!

NICI Beaver, the 2011 NICI Summer series finally arrived at Singapore. NICI-Mania flock are overly thrilled by these 2 cute beavers!

The 2011 NICI Summer series was not planned for released in Singapore, but thanks to special import from CNS Plaza Singapura, we get to buy this cute NICI Beaver.

25cm NICI Beaver with 10cm NICI Beaver key ring

NICI Beaver immediately made friends with Hugo Wolf. These little beavers will certainly enjoy the all summer season here in Singapore.

-Do Re Me-


  1. cute! especially little beaver! :)

  2. How beautiful, very nice haha ^_^

  3. Welcome cute beavers, you are very lovely!!! Surely you will love the neverending summer in your owners homeland :-) Our flock sends hearty greetings

  4. Wow, that sure is a long wait!! Receiving 2011 summer plush in the winter of 2012.. I admire your patience ;)

  5. @Minghui: we did not see little beaver the first time when we got the bigger beaver, but thankfully we saw it the 2nd time at CNS plaza singapura and bought it home. He's the cutest nici key ring we have! :D

  6. @potamotrygorgeous: not that we have the patience but the nici summer 2011 series wasn't released here. It was a good hand of gesture that the owner of CNS plaza Singapura shop decided to specially bring this nici beaver into Singapore at a slightly higher cost. But its all worth the money that we don't need to ship it all the way from Germany :))

  7. @Leona Löwenherz: You're right Leona, our nici beavers love the all year long summer here. We just need some beach around and hope it doesn't rain too often :D