Sunday, May 22, 2011

NICI Raccoon Wallpaper (Raccoon Wallpaper)

Presenting nici raccoon wallpaper starring Rob Raccoon, one of the most popular nici soft toy. This raccoon wallpaper is made with a picture of our nici raccoons 50cm, 35cm and 25cm. We are currently using this raccoon wallpaper on our Windows 7 desktop and loving it!

NICI Raccoon wallpaper (raccoon wallpaper) resolution 1920x1200 | size 984k

NICI Raccoon wallpaper (raccoon wallpaper) preview on 1360x768 resolution widescreen lcd monitor

We love this raccoon wallpaper a lot and hope you'll love it too. If you have already noticed, we have a crazy passion for drawing grass on our wallpaper. Its fun and easy to draw so this raccoon wallpaper is already the third nici wallpaper with grass, just a different color from the rest of them.

Raccoon is a forest friend, hence the greenery theme for the wallpaper. Anyone feel that some other nici plush should be on this wallpaper instead of the raccoon? Let us know :)

Upcoming nici wallpapers:
- NICI Winter Friends
- NICI Monkey (pending resource)


  1. I love it! Thank you!!! ^_^

  2. This is really nice!! I guess can take an eyes-rest on this beautiful wallpaper after using computer for sometime, since green color is good for eyes :)

  3. Ute is thrilled with the wonderful green and says many thanks for this well-done wallpaper!!!
    Our Dundee Skunk is jealous of the three cute raccoons. He would love to pose together with them, because he also has a very big bushy tail... Greetings :-)

    I can't wait to buy my own Rob already~!
    by:Sugizo X

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh RACCOONNNSSSS!!!! love it love it love it!! *mwaaaaahhhhh* from our flock of 14 raccoons =D