Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ipod Nano Accessories Carrefour Sale

NICI-Mania recently went to Carrefour to shop for a new storage compartment for our NICI plush toys and surprisingly came across the Carrefour IT gadget department having a clearance sale! All the Ipod  nano accessories were on sale at an unbelievably price of $1 each! They must be making space for the newer Ipod  nano accessories for 6th generation. Mini Hugo Wolf will now show you what we got.

We are using the 4th generation Ipod nano, so it was as if we struck gold finding these Ipod accessories for such a cheap price. First off, a black leather case with belt strap, we'll be using it while jogging.

Next Ipod accessories, a screen protector to prevent scratches. Our Ipod nano is almost 2 years old and this is the first time the screen finally gets protection.

Lastly, a new black leather case! Let's give our Ipod nano an extreme makeover! ♥♥

To our amazement, we found two sizes of screen protectors inside! The label on the outside clearly states it's for Ipod nano 4th generation, so we're not sure why is there a longer piece of screen protector inside. Free gift? But what should we stick it on?

Let's carefully stick the screen protector on our ipod nano.

We're done with the screen protection business. Neat and sleek! Now the new Ipod nano skin!

Our Ipod nano is very excited getting a new skin after so long! But personally, I would say using a leather case is more suitable for mobile phones instead for ipods. It just look a little awkward, maybe we're used to seeing silicone skin for Ipod nano.

NICI-Mania Extreme Makeover successful! On the right is our old purple silicone skin. Well, our Ipod nano looks a bit more matured in the new leather skin but anyways, it's new and it's cheap. It gives us an illusionary impression like we just bought a new Ipod nano. One thing we should mention, the ipod classic accessories are also included in the Carrefour sale, plus other IT gadgets like Ipod dock, mouse, game controllers, etc.


  1. How beautiful the iPod nano. I have a Sony MP4, I like most, work very well ^_^

  2. You made a very good shopping, I like the leather case very much :)

  3. What a successful purchase. You are a lucky devil :-) And it is so cute how interested Mini Hugo presents the new leather case. Greetings

  4. It's cheaper than Daiso! Happy :)