Saturday, May 12, 2012

NICI Minily Horse Edward - The Master Plan

This is a story about NICI minily horse named - Edward ...

NICI minily horse Edward sneaks up to the computer. Gazing at a Jolly Mah wallpaper on the screen, what is he sneaking up to?

Edward ogled at a picture of Jonny Depp's famous movie Edward Scissorhands and suddenly..

an idea struck him!

NICI horse Edward's thoughts:

I think my owner keeps some scissors in this box here...

Edward climbs clumsily onto the box and tries to open it.

Edward's thoughts: hmm...I have to open it up and see

It's so messy inside...

Ah!! Scissors spotted! But..

it's too small....

Edward tries again..

Yes! Another pair of scissors spotted! But still.....

not big enough...

hmm...Let's see if there is another one!

Finally! Big scissors spotted!

Okay, this should be big enough! Hehe ^_^

What is Edward thinking of doing with the scissors? What did Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands inspire him to do? Let's find out soon in the next episode of The Master Plan


  1. So cute!!!!!
    Edward Scissorhands xDD

  2. Edward is a very lovely and clever plush! Our flock loves the funny story and looks forward to more creative plans :-)

  3. @Bea: Thanks Bea! Edward Scissorhands is the key to this story :D

  4. @Leona Löwenherz: Thank you Leona, the continuation of Edward's story is coming right up!! :)))

  5. A minily is always dangerous with a pair of scissors!!!!! We are afraid!
    Kisses :)