Sunday, May 20, 2012

NICI Dragon 2012

Continuing from our previous NICI Tiger Dragon post, the real NICI Dragons finally arrived at NICI-Mania! Meet the blue dragon Ivan :)

There is also the sinister dragon Dracon and the fire dragon Landogar who did not come home with us.

 Only blue NICI Dragon came back with us because Ivan is the cutest of all 3

blue NICI Dragon with its powerful wings and armored skin.

NICI Dragon has a Devil's tail!

and also the devil's horns! Jolly Lucy Mah is lurking behind waiting for her photoshoot session after NICI Dragon.

Lastly, the cute reptile paws. All are extremely meticulous design on the NICI Dragon to make it so adorable!

Jolly Lucy Mah got bored of waiting for NICI Dragon to finish his photoshoot. She came over and said "Hi~" to her new friend.

Lucy Mah: "Hey blue, nice wings! Can we be friends?"
NICI Dragon Ivan: "Sure! (^_^)"

Oh well...Ivan didn't know what he got himself into..
 Lucy Mah: "Need a ride to Germany..QUICK..FLY..!!"
NICI Dragon: "help~~~~~"


  1. How beautiful! The dragon looks cute, and the others also seemed very nice.

    By the way, the cool new look of the blog is very nice ^___^

  2. The three dragons are so cute, my favourite is Red dragon. I will post with dragons very soon, stay tuned!

  3. Haha, this Lucy Mah sure is a real Jolly, inquisitive as she is, approaching everything with her playful nature, always looking for the fun in things. She can tame even the wildest dragon!