Wednesday, April 4, 2012

White Dog Cafe at Vivo City

Today NICI Beaver will be introducing White Dog Cafe at Vivo City!

White Dog Cafe is a western food restaurant but we are not here for the food.

NICI beaver is at White Dog Cafe for the BEER!

Specifically, we came to White Dog Cafe for the Erdinger beer! $6.50 per pint (500ml).

White Dog Cafes Erdinger dunkel beer per pint at $6.50

Erdinger lager at $6.50 all day long at White Dog Cafe. No extra or hidden charges

The potato wedges at White Dog Cafe is highly recommend to go with the Erdinger beer. $4.90 per plate with mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

There are sofa seats at White Dog Cafe where you can relax and drink the Erdinger beer.

White Dog Cafe is probably the cheapest place to enjoy a pint of Erdinger beer after a long tiring shopping day at Vivocity. Do note that the Erdinger is from the bottle, not draft.


  1. The potatoes look delicious! Giving me hungry haha.

  2. That`s a big beer for one beaver haha. Our flock loves typical Bavarian Erdinger!