Sunday, October 23, 2011

NICI Hetch Hogan

NICI Hetch Hogan is the latest addition to NICI-Mania family! As mentioned in our previous (NICI Shopping at CNS Plaza Singapura) entry, we'll show you more of Hetch Hogan today!

 NICI Hetch Hogan is a hedgehog soft toy that can be curled up in a ball like the real animal.

NICI Hetch Hogan belongs to NICI Forest Friends series, so our two forest friend senior Rob Raccoon and Frederic Fox came first to have a look at their good buddy.

NICI Hetch Hogan is really tiny compared to his friends!

On the card of NICI Hetch Hogan, it says "Rollable"

The curious and playful Rob Raccoon was intrigued by what he saw on the card and you don't have to guess what happened next....

Frederic Fox exclaimed: Hey Rob, what are you doing to our new friend Hetch Hogan?!
Rob Raccoon: I'm trying to turn him into a ball! Hehehe (^_^)

Frederic Fox: You sure you are not hurting Hetch Hogan?
Rob Raccoon: Well, I'm just following the instructions the card

After several attempts, Rob Raccoon is perplexed why NICI Hetch Hogan isn't turning into a ball. He didn't notice that NICI Hetch Hogan has a velcro at the bottom..

Frederic Fox: Hey Rob, maybe you have to stick NICI Hetch Hogan's velcro to his ears?

Rob Raccoon: I don't care anymore! I'll just squash him into a ball xD
NICI Hetch Hogan faintly calls for help~~ someone save him

*snaps* NICI Forest Friends family photo. Our NICI Hetch Hogan is very cute but just a tad too small, he'll forever be bullied by the two bigger forest friends.

NICI Hetch Hogan is actually the first NICI keyring we have, the NICI carving on the keyring is lovely!


  1. I love that can be rolled, it is adorable hehe ^_^

  2. @Bea- We haven't been able to successfully roll hetch hogan up yet :(

  3. i did not even know there is velcro!!!
    ok! will try rolling my sis's Spikey!

  4. Haha, you have to attatch the velcro the the soft fabric inside of his hood!

  5. @Minghui: Brian demonstrated it once on how to roll the hetch hogan, he's very pro doing it!

  6. @Hoppy9046Wow!! Thanks for your valuable advice! We deeply appreciate it :D Now Rob Raccoon is trying to roll up NICI hetch hogan again, this time hopefully successful!

  7. Poor Hetch Hogan, I hope the rolling has not made harm to him ;-)

  8. I hope poor little Hetch Hogan will soon find a big friend to guard him from the rude efforts to roll him haha. Otherwise he better should show his quills to cheeky Rob :-)

  9. i tried rolling Spikey! unsuccessful.... and my heart pained from hearing his soft "waa Waa waa!".... so I will leave it to Shaun and Lucy to handle the rolling!! :p

  10. @Raquel: Don't worry, hetch hogan is alright! :D

  11. @Leona Löwenherz: Perhaps a big hetch hogan can withstand the bullies or Rob raccoon :p

  12. @Minghui: I agree! Heart pain too to see him getting rolled so hard..