Thursday, November 25, 2010

Prologue - The Symphony of Wolf & Sheep

Legend has it that there is an extremely unique animal wondering around the kingdom of Nici. There were many stories behind it. Some say it is cute, some say it is scary, some even say it turns on a full moon, but nobody has seen the real thing..

Thus a few animals gather around to talk about 'it'..

Jack: "I heard that 'it' is a special kind of dog!"
Jolly Mah: "But I heard that 'it' eats grass?"
Reindeer: "No no, I heard that 'it' has a fur of a sheep"
Svenja: "huh? Hey I can't hear with my earmuff so tight"

Liselle: "I even heard that 'it' is actually a sheep....."


"I heard someone talking about me, I think I should go say Hi"

"But I'm shy..."

"Hello, name is Jolly Wolf, I wanna be friends with you"
Mutters among themselves.."did he say wo.wo..wolf?"

Shocks! Everyone faints....

- - THE END - -

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  1. That story more funny and beautiful all, I love it.