Sunday, July 28, 2013

MacDonalds Burger & Hugo

MacDonalds is one of the favorite fast food for Mini Hugo Wolf. This afternoon, he is spotted having a Double McSpicy burger meal or rather, a double Double McSpicy burger at MacDonalds :D

MacDonalds buger or nici wolf?

Looks like Hugo Wolf is pleading us to let him have a bite of the burger..well well mini hugo, is your mouth large enough to eat the burger?

The burger is so huge while Hugo is so mini, let's just wait and see how he is gonna eat it!

nom nom nom nom...Hugo only manages to bite the tip of the burger

How about you have some MacDonald fries instead? It's easier for you to eat..

No wait! Fries should go with curry sauce! You can add curry sauce to your Macdonalds burger too and it taste fabulous. We love curry, remember?

Hugo loves having the Macdonalds french fries dipped in curry sauce! We are curious, does MacDonalds in other countries have curry sauce too or is it just Singapore? Last time we had Macdonalds burger at Malaysia, we asked for curry sauce but it wasn't available. Instead we were given barbecue sauce and sweet n sour sauce. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!


  1. to me from a story I saw on TV where they said that the meat has mcdonals eye pieces or legs longer as there in 2010 they placed no curry sauce to Spain put a do not like i was a mayonnaise sauce i i oil garlic pepper reminded me that no sauce was so I searched the internet

  2. We do not have curry sauce in the U.S. (or at least where we live). The sauces we have are:

    We like ranch or honey mustard, but we do think curry sounds BEARY yummy though!

  3. anyones honey sauce

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