Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taipei - Shida Night Market

Hi there! It's Jolly Rosa! We are back at Taipei! Previously, we stopped at Taipei Tamsui part 2. Continuing NICI-Mania's Taipei trip, let's go!

It's a weird maze of interconnecting loop chained mrt tracks that got Jolly Rosa stuck at Dingxi station while trying to get to Shida night market. We still have no idea what happened that night.

Finally!! We got to Shida station. We saw the exit to Shida Road where the Shida night market is!!

Jolly Rosa is approaching Shida night market, we can totally feel the crowd oozing in.

Night market food! I think we have reached our destination.

Look at the immense crowd! We could hardly move around.

牛魔王!! (bull demon king in english) What an provocative name for a shop. Let's see what it sells..

It sells steak! on a hotplate with noodles and egg.

The beef steak is tender and succulent~ Delicious!

 This stall is selling pork belly buns..
err...what is that?

Stewed pork belly meat stuffed into a bun, topped with some salted vegetables and chinese parsley.

 Malaysia curry chicken?!! That is interesting. But Jolly Rosa is definitely not trying. We will cook our own home style curry chicken.

There's a stall with a very huge crowd and a numbering system on the stall. Jolly Rosa takes a number and waited...

許記生煎包, apparently is a very famous shop at Shida night market. Waited for half an hour for this steam fried pork bun! (許記生煎包 facebook page here)

This stall reads - "The Great Han Grassland". It sells BBQ lamb skewer. Jolly Rosa *opps*

Queue number again. Is this a trend here at Shida night market?

It was saturday night and overly crowded. We decided to end our Shida night market food trail with 师大鹽酥雞 (salt-pepper chicken).

Jolly Rosa takes the Taipei metro home with a full and satisfied stomach.

Next stop, the everly popular tourist spot in Taipei - Xi Men Ding


  1. Rosa don't let them eat u! She's one happy sheep, got to travel & tried all kinds of food
    Looking at those delicious food pics in the morning makes me very very hungry ~~


  2. Wow, a night full of delicous adventures! Your Rosa is really a lucky sheep to accompany you :-)